I wouldn’t think so since whenever I think of Vikings I think of Scandinavian countries but is it possible? I ask this little boy type question for the obvious reason that vikings are awesome.

Now I shall go listen to viking-metal music!

5 Responses to “If i have a mix of German, Irish, and Scottish blood is it possible to have Viking blood?”

  • tswells13:

    It really depends how far your lineage in Ireland and Scotland goes back. Since the viking invaded the British Isles, it is very possible that a few of your relatives might have Viking blood.

    If you really want to know, you would have to find out how far back your family goes in these countries. If they were there before the Vikings invaded, there is less of a chance, but I don’t know if it is even possible to trace your family that far back.

  • maxiumus:

    yes I’m sure it’s possible for you to have Viking blood if you have Scottish blood in you the Vikings also conquered the Viking influence is more stronger in Scottish people than it is in Irish people there is a lot of Viking blood in the Orkney and Shetland Islands

  • Gavri'el Gruszka:

    You do have Viking Blood. Guaranteed.

    The British Isles (Scotland, England,and Ireland) are a mixing pot of mainly Celts, Normans, Romans, Scandinavians, and Anglo Saxon ancestry.

    The Normans, Scandinavian, and even much of the early Anglo Saxon DNA would have derived from the Vikings.

    I can promise that you have Viking lines tracing back through all your families sides, especially your Scottish side.

  • brother_in_magic:

    Viking ancestry is quite possible from either Scotland or ireland,especially if the Scottish ancestor is from an area such as the Isle of the Skye or the Orkneys which were heavily colonised, or if your irish ancestor was from eastern area/ Dublin area and had a non-Gaelic surname. Viking ancestry is roughly 40-50% on some Scottish Isles (Lewis excepted) and maybe 10% in Ireland

  • Shirley T:

    Yes, probably so as a lot of other things. There are no pure nationalities or pure races or ethnicities.

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