Traveling from the USA, I may only have time to visit just one major city in Scotland (most of my time there will be devoted to the countryside). The question is, shall I choose a few days exploring glasgow or should I spend the few days exploring edinburgh? Why?
If you really think both of them are worth visiting, then please explain so, bearing in mind that I will have to sacrifice time from my countryside explorations in order to do so.

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  • Nosher Clark:

    Hmm, I had a good long think about this and to be honest i’d rather go to Baghdad.

    EDIT: Wearing a stars & stripes t-shirt.

    2ND EDIT: Holding a sign that says I love George Bush.

  • garstang123:

    Edinburgh, definitely. Absolutely definitely.

    I really love Glasgow (I’m English, from London btw) but in terms of an American who could really choose only one, it has to be Edinburgh. There’s nothing wrong with Glasgow and, matter of fact, it would be my preference, but maybe shouldn’t be yours! It’s a big, industrial city with a very American style downtown grid of streets. It has great shopping and an awesome nightlife and some handsome Victorian buildings. But…Edinburgh is much prettier, much older and more historic, and has so many more things that would be fascinating for a first-time visitor. I think you might visit Glasgow and go ‘Hmm…a city, nice enough…’. But Edinburgh would be special…very different, very unique.

  • I should be doing something else:

    Definitely Edinburgh. I’d be here all night if I was to explain every reason why, but suffice to say, it is te most fantastic city, pleasure to spend time in, can’t wait until I can next get over there! Enjoy!

  • Carolyn:

    I don’t know. I have never been to Scotland. Sorry. 🙁

  • Andrew H:

    I’d say spend most of your time in Edinburgh but on one of the days take the train over to Glasgow (it’s only 45 minutes away) and explore the city centre for a few hours.

    Why? Edinburgh is smaller, easier to get around on foot and more tourist oriented, so you’d need a lot more time to explore Glasgow. Glasgow is still well worth visiting though.

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