I don’t remember much about the book other than i believe the woman was unaware she was a mermaid or selky moved to a new town and ended up falling in love with a selky. Not much to go on I know but if anyone has any ideas about the title or author please share Thanks Alot!

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  • gormenghast10014:

    “Sea Spell (Magical Love)” by Tess Farraday?
    “As a teenager, Beth Caxton nearly drowned while swimming in Grey Gallows Bay. Her rescue was rather mysterious, for she was seen being resuscitated by a naked man who quickly disappeared. Now, 10 years later, she is again drawn to Grey Gallows Bay where she meets an unusual man named Gordon. When Gordon tells Beth of his true identity, that of the selkie–a mythical half seal/half man creature–who saved her life a decade ago, and when he professes his undying love, and tells her that he has waited these 10 years for her return, Beth has a difficult time believing him, despite the nagging sense of familiarity in Gordon’s eyes. When Gordon’s life and that of the other seals in the bay is threatened, it is up to Beth to help prevent sure disaster”

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