2012 demonstration for independence in Scotland. The demo took place on September 22nd. Scots assemble in the Meadows, a large green in a university area in Edinburgh before the march-off. As the folk are gathering traditional Scots ceilidh accordion music as well as more modern music is played to enhance the mood of the demonstrators. Pro-independence people from other countries also turned up out of solidarity for the Scots and to promote their own independence causes and struggles. Some people wore traditional costume such as kilts and one kilted demonstrator had a toy highland cow peeking out of his rucksack, another wore a Nessie Loch Ness Monster costume, some Scots wore chain mail and helmets and carried large yellow shields with a red lion emblem or else they wore leather costumes carrying a bow and arrow. The lion rampant was also on a lot of the flags and many people had Scottish saltires draped over their shoulders as well as flying them. A lot of the international contingents of the demo wore traditional costume and flew their flags too. A large contingent from Venice (which had previously been an autonomous country north-east of Italy for over 1000 years before being acquired by Italy) stood out with their red and gold flags and enthousiastic chanting of “San Marco.” The flags had 6 tails each one representing a sestiere of Venice. A group from Flanders also brought their flags. Some Basque Country flags were also flown at the demo and one had the name of

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  • Mercedes Fan:

    YES for Scotland independence

  • orczylorinc:

    independence 4 scotland, 4 catalonia, 4 basque country and autonomy 4 székelyland!!!!!!!!!!

  • orczylorinc:

    Sorry 4 posting it here but this needs to be told: I live in Europe, in a country called Romania. According to last years (2011) census, it s population numbers19,042,936 people, out of which 1,237,746 people (6,6 %) are hungarian speaking. Due to the history of one of it s wealthiest historical regions, Transylvania, ethnic hungarians (alongside with saxon germans, armenians, romanians etc) lived here for more than 1000 years.

  • orczylorinc:

    Throughout these years a smaller (administrative-cultural) region within Transylvania existed by the name of Székely land (or Szeklerland) where most of ethnic székely-hungarians are concentrated today. In Szeklerland this unique cultural community meneged to survive the hardships of historical-political injustice. During communist rule this minority had indured and suffered the worst actions aiming there diminishment committed by the romanian authorities of the time.

  • orczylorinc:

    The communists are gone for about 22 years now, but the nationalist political oppression is still going on in such a manner that this cultural community is on the endangered list. For 22 years we ve been trying to percue our dream about the regional-territorial autonomy of Szeklerland, which is the guarantee of our future existence. Recently the szekler people are starting to initiate broader economic projects that will help the deliberately neglected region to get on its feet.

  • orczylorinc:

    Please help us by just typing in Székely land or Szeklerland in one of your search engines. Come visit us, talk about us, read about us. Even though nowadays romanian authorities are denying the fact that this region exists, one of the supporters of our way of life, of preserving our identity is non other than Prince Charles of Wales. One of the reasons he is s attracted to this place is linked with his family roots.

  • rovex brendan:

    I’m a wee bit surprised by how there’s hardly a cloud in the sky in late September!

  • alexmbbcn:

    Support of Catalonia! YES Scotland, Yes Catalonia!

  • 1789Overture:

    Nice to see so many people out in the sunshine demonstrating to support a yes vote but did they really need the Jimmy Shand music?
    Nice video!

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