See he site of the last battle between the Jacobite Forces and the Army of the Wee Geordie. The mass graves of the brave Highland Clans, the position markers where they stood and all filmed on the day the event took place April 16 th. May they rest at the right hand of God

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  • ScottishShorts:

    MacIntosh made up a considerable number of the Clan Chattan confederation.

  • turtle472:

    did not hear anything about the mackintoshes in the battle great video though!!!!

  • ScottishShorts:

    The sounds were made over a period of time using several recordings from different distances to the sound being recorded. We used a lot of the old radio play type techniques. Then recorded one over the other a few times. The loudest/central being the gasping of the camera man as he tran over the moore.
    If you plan to some films spend a few days redcording things, birds, water, rain etc. even silence has a a sound.

  • rockinbillyboy:

    LOL,…that’s true, a drop of the “crater” might add to the effect…lol
    I enjoyed this very much,….can you please tell me where you got the battle sounds between 0:00 and 0:28?
    It is a great intro, and leads into your guide of the battlefield beautifully.
    Very poignant.
    Thank you.
    Thank you.

  • ScottishShorts:

    If you go there at night I swear you can hear the swords and see the men rise. Mind you a quick stop off at the pub to get some internal heating does tend to help the process.

  • witchhunter32:

    ye the opening was cool

  • nacho1560:

    Liked the opening bit. Never seen it like that before. Felt like I was charging over the field of battle.

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