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  • bill0756:

    Dozens of Irish generals served for both South and North in the US civil war.

  • Fiach2008:

    what does he mean by ‘national myth’ at the end?

  • itsjustmacker:

    If one is to believe all that has been said about so many leaders being arrested, then that would sum up our own Irish History, even up to the present day, and in my own honest opinion, only those in a commanding position had the knowledge to inform on there own comrades, shooting was to good for scum like that. and even in todays society it is still a known fact that special branch/MI5/6 has there own informers in top positions within the republican movement.
    But that would be denied

  • ceadmilefailte:

    you are welcome thanks..

  • derryhawk:

    Very interesting and worth watching. Thank-You

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