Two tunes: Barney Brallighan and Ride a Mile……great slipjigs …my favourite Irish dance. Eugene O’Donnell is in my opinion the best fiddler of Irish dance music and slow airs. Here he is accompanied by Mick Moloney on guitar.

25 Responses to “Irish Dance music/ Slipjigs”

  • jamie downs:

    A´╗┐ master. Miss him. There is no one like him.

  • Rosie Plunkett:

    This´╗┐ is absolutely gorgeous.

  • chestercolburn:

    I love´╗┐ the background music.

  • moodle25:


  • moodle25:

    I love the song!!! good´╗┐ to practice with :)))

  • xXtaytayXx2000:

    oh my…´╗┐ this song is so beutiful!

  • Aine Farrell:

    love this´╗┐ slipjig

  • dnaivnae:

    lolzXD no, i jus’ got transferred from a small village nearest the coast, to Dublin, is´╗┐ all. and i cant dance or walk ya….ime gonna let ye fill in the blanks on tha’ one

  • ilovejustin32710:

    I love´╗┐ Irish dance it’s so much fun and I’m proud to Irish. IRELAND FOREVER!!

  • dnaivnae:

    oh, to´╗┐ bloo’y dance again, god dammit, i love my irish heritage, hell ime full blooded, but ime so far away from my village:(

  • IWillFlyHigher:

    I love taking´╗┐ Irish dance. ­čśÇ I can easily dance to this while practicing. Thanks!

  • XxXcoolbeansyeaXxX:

    how could people´╗┐ dislike this? now i’m puzzled.

  • jennifercollins011:

    it´╗┐ is good for irish dancing alot ­čÖé

  • izzy227100:

    Im an american but i´╗┐ love irish dancing this is cool!

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