Irish history with Pat Flannery. Pat discusses early Irish architecture such as the roundhouse, Crannóg, and ringfort. This was filmed in 2/5/07.

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    Pat seems to be confusing British arrivals with English arrivals. He is also confusing the Milesian ” Iberian ” Ib-ERIA-n i.e Irish settlers with the aboriginal population of the British-Isles who were neither English or Irish.

  • CahanTiarnan:

    Is it possible to get a transcript of this series? If so, who do I give my address to, and how much would it cost? (in Canadian dollars please)

  • Tripo1iSamson:

    Nice, interesting vid.

  • portumnadaz:

    craganowen is an excellent site in co. clare for anyone who wants to see what life was like in ancient ireland. It has crannogs and cooking pits and the like.

  • shanecronogue:

    my surname is Cronogue! and i am irish from leitrim! its sounds very similar cran og

  • BrutalDeluxe80:

    romagna celtica!

  • caemgen51:

    I’ll send you Pat’s email.

  • klauscarson:

    Hello, my name is Klaus and I am a student of architecture in New Zealand. I am interested in writing an essay on a specific type or form of Irish architecture. these Crannógs and ringfort sound interesting. I would like to know if you (pat flannery) have any published texts or even a website from which i could learn more and even reference in an essay?


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