Discussion about the Irish language on the Late Late Show, RTÉ. With Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh and Des Bishop.

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  • kilcohan3:

    Its about bringing the language into the environment rather than a separate thing we’v to learn. Speaking Irish ‘conversationally’ in school- then learning the verbs etc. all signs , food labels in Irish. speaking it on non irish tv channels and radio (not just TG4). etc

  • Jonathan Coyle:

    I think Des Bishop made a very good point about responsibility of society in relation to the language but of course Pat Kenny it down by not addressing it and just asking about the exams.

  • alessio272:

    I wanna learn to speak gaeilge. 

  • Esoteric0714:

    I’m American of partial Irish decent. I think there’s a great desire by decendents of the Irish diaspora around the world to learn Irish. With technology, Irish teachers can reach these millions of potential students (speak over skype, for example). The revenues generated by that operation would then create demand for more Irish teachers (hence, an incentive for people in Ireland to learn the language).

  • stevenator0281:

    God love you, Bro. God love you.

  • CristalRose03:

    Thank you for your support 😀 You should give it a try, If you dedicate a reasonable amount of time to it you’ll be able to say the basics in no time (coming from a person who can say the numbers, the colors and a basic “hello-how are you” conversation :S) jajaj It’s a beautiful language, so don’t give up! 😀

  • Dimana Peycheva:

    At least you started.. I really want to study it, but I’m terrified of trying for the reasons you mention… so keep on.. 🙂

  • lyco46:

    Nil aon fuckal gailge agum.

  • CristalRose03:

    I really want to speak Irish, but it is incredibly hard to learn on my own :S And I keep having the same thing: Every letter changes the sound, so I somehow feel online courses are playing with my mind :S

  • Lucero Alejandres:

    im mexican and i want to speak it 🙁 Ireland y you no promote the **** out of it internationally ?!!

  • MsOneiroi77:

    interesting point that Irish in days gone by were seen an nationalistic and linked tot he terrorism in the north therefore people chose not to speak it

  • mthebeerman:

    irish is becoming more important to me everyday
    an lá maíth é:)

  • TheTaylorChristian:

    My children are 1 and 2 and I am learning Irish to teach to them.

  • Denis O Callaghan:

    Ceapas go dtuigfeadh Bláthnaid nách bhfuil “conas atá tú” mar ‘Gaelainn Foghlamtha’, ach Gaelainn Mhuscraí. Ní thuigim cén fáth go mbeadh canúint na Mumhan á fhoghlaim i mBleá Cliath…

  • Cahlwyn:

    Wow… her speaking Irish is BEAUTIFUL! So musical!

  • Cahlwyn:

    Its messed up… I’d kill to be able to speak Irish.

  • guitardbucket:

    The fun thing about Gaelic is about half the letters are silent, and the other half make sounds completely different than the letter normally would. Except for the letter “a”. You always have your letter “a”.

  • Jack Fennessy:

    if it was a choice subject, maybe 10-15% of students would pick it… I HATE it

  • Bafsobral:

    thank you :)

  • soloasdubh:

    Des: Stumpa breá, mar a déarfá. (A fine looking thing, as you’d day.)
    Bláthnaid: Stumpa breá. (A fine looking thing.)

  • Bafsobral:

    Please, can anyone tell, in English, what did Bláthnaid’s mother say (5:11)? it seems very funny…love the Irish language…it’s funny, but I would dare to say that the Irish accent is quite close to European Portuguese, though Portuguese is a Romance language…I’m more or less fluent in 4 languages, and I’ve tried to learn a bit of Irish, and I can tell this is the language that, despite some cases, asks of me least accent change from my native Portuguese…

  • morrisquinn:

    is fearr gaelige briste na gaelige cliste

  • morrisquinn:

    I am proud to be a proud Irish speaker, my children will attend all Irish schools! Mar is fearr gaelige briste ná gaelige clíste.

  • TheDavePod:

    I’m from northern Ireland and am protestant and think hell yeah we should speak it. I’m ashamed I don’t know it

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