No Girls. No Celtic Knots. Two men and a piano; Pianist is Michael O’ Suileabhain but I don’t know the dancer. Sorry it is very short. Ran out of tape at the wrong time.

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  • MsKittyKole:

    @gorham1964 How can I get in touch with Mr McBride…he dated my mother back in college and I would like to say hi!

  • gorham1964:

    Ray is my cousin.A better guy you couldnt meet, Champion Irish dancer,Founder of Druid Company in Galway and world class runner in collage in the US.SOME TALENT!!!!!!

  • UISTMAN59:

    Micheal has already done this in a clip called “The Art of Irish Step Dancing ” 🙂

  • sugarplumfairy74:

    Do you think you could upload the whole bit on youtube?
    It would be great to see more.

  • annawilkinson1:

    Ray Mcbride was a fabulous dancer. Unfortunately he is now in a wheelchair with a debilitating disease. Cruel!

  • Cogniscent1:

    In the ‘River of Sound’ series, which I think was a three-parter of three hours, the professor- presenter was in a studio on piano and alone with dancer Ray McBride, who was showing the various styles of traditional dance from the very hard pounding style through to the dainty-footed light as a wisp style, and how they and all in-between expressed different moods for effect. If you can get this series on DVD, get it, as it’s quite something.

  • magpie4321:


  • clarebannerman:

    The dancer is Ray McBride from Galway. ☺

  • clarebannerman:

    I’ve got this on tape

  • UISTMAN59:

    Belated thanks for this note, anlubandige (.

  • anlubandige:

    This is a clip from the Late Late Show 1994 (I think). The night was a celebration of Micheál Ó Súilleabháin’s ‘River of Sound’ series. Had it on video and lost it. If anyone has it, it’s worth posting the part with the Irish American step dancer, Liam (can’t remember his surname and Ray alternating.

  • dontlickit:

    I dont blame you 🙂 but it’s too bad that video tape was over 🙁
    this guy is fantastic ! I have never seen him before

  • UISTMAN59:

    As I have said previously I’m sorry I don’t have the whole clip. I believe it was from a BBC or an ITV talk show one afternoon so I was totally unprepared and I just came across it while channel-hopping . I didn’thave much video tape left and it was over before I could get another tape.

  • dontlickit:

    how did you get this? where did you find this?

  • dontlickit:

    I want the whole video !!!!!

  • tenac992:


  • gabbygurtie:

    Are we watching and listening to the same video? His trebles are loud and clear over the piano. This guy is wearing fiberglass tips and you can’t miss the beats. MF wears metal taps on his shoes and is supported by background taps on audio. If you cant here him dancing there would be a problem. Technically and stylistically MF very traditional, by today’s standards, but its modern compared to this. Comparing styles is comparing apples to oranges!

  • proobu:

    gabby says “I don’t think I have ever heard some one dance with beats that clear.” Who heard the beats? All I hear is the piano, too clear, for me. And imo, Flatley had no competition here, except in sex-role characteristics shown far too much for my interest in the dance, not the dancer. Who cares beard, show me the feet and let me hear them.

  • UISTMAN59:

    Ray McBride was the Mill Foreman. If anyone has the whole clip of this set out there somewhere please post – it’s just brilliant.

  • zzmaevezz:

    I was delighted to see this clip of Ray mc Bride…I think he is a fabulous dancer…I love the sean nos he does….I would LOVE to be able to get that guache or whatever its called…the kind of rag doll thing..I cant remember him in Angelas ashes…What part did he play?… He often appeared with Druid in Galway…he was a fab actor…As you can see he could put his feet doing any kind of dancing even John Travolta at the end of that clip….

  • UISTMAN59:

    Thank you for the info. Ray McBride was in Angela’s Ashes but I didn’t recognise him from this clip. As you say, it is a fair few years old.

  • zzmaevezz:

    Ray Mc bride!!!!!! I am deligted to see you on this…Go hiontach ar fad…Thug tu glor agus spreagadh liom an maidin seo ..ta me ag iarraidh sean nos a dheanamh…Ta tu thar barr….

  • zzmaevezz:

    he is the wonderful Ray Mc Bride from the Claddagh in Galway,West of Ireland. The clip is a fair few years old now..Micheal O Suilleabhain is on the piano..Fabulous musician…Ray was a champion All Ireland dancer…also a great actor and GREAT fun and craic…I havent heard about him for a while now..anyway Michael Flatley ….eat your heart out!!!!!!

  • puzzleluvzme:

    I agree. This man has really clear trebles. He also seems to be enjoying himself.

  • gabbygurtie:

    His rhythm is amazing. I don’t think I have ever heard some one dance with beats that clear.

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