We have two kids and have a modest income. What areas are nice to live in but affordable? Because many people tell me that Edinburgh is a very expensive place to live. Is the city centre cheaper?

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  • Deji:

    Scotland is a lot less expensive to live in than South East England, so I would think Edinburgh would also be a lot cheaper than London.

    It would depend on the housing you are looking to either buy or rent, the outskirts of any city will always be cheaper than city center living, but then if you work in the city center and live in the outskirts you have to pay travel costs to the city center.

  • Alex Ferguson:


  • guiri:

    yes. It always features among the best cities to live in .

    For house prices see.


    The City centre is an expensive place to live. Especially the New Town.

  • TJ516:

    My house is in the Meadowbank area off of Willowbrae Road. The schools in the area are good and walking distance. From my experience there is low crime. It’s easy to get to shopping centres. The Meadowbank Sports Centre is very close. And it’s just a really pretty area. As for the cost to live there, I don’t think it’s that bad. I did a search of EH8 7 for you to get an idea.


  • Girzie:

    Yes, it’s a good place to live with a family. Try Newington, Liberton, Morningside for flats/houses. The city centre will be more expensive for property purchase but Edinburgh is no more expensive to live in than other major cities. It has lots of green areas – The Meadows, Arthurs Seat, Duddingston etc – and lots of activities for children.

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