I’ve been doing some research to try and find a place that will rent out kilts in my fiance’s family tartan (his last name is Wood) but most of the places i have found online will only have 6 or 7 choices of tartan to choose from. Is the only other option to buy them (which is a pricey endeavor, esp. since we want all of the groomsmen in them as well), or are there rental places that will find a specific tartan if you request it?

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    If i were yu id shop around at generic stores to try and find your pattern. They are commonly worn among girls as uniforms so may i suggest some school uniform outlets?

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    I seriously doubt you will find a non-traditional Scottish name like Wood as a rental. Most of those request are special weaves if you buy the kilt, to the tartan itself would have to be made from raw wool to get a Kilt in a tartan like that. I would search ‘kilt rental wood tartan’ and see if some of the more specialized renters might have something.

    Most rentals will have the main seven families, and then the more popular non-clan family kilts like the black watch, and the spirit of scotland. A lot of people get really hung up on the clan tartan, but tartan is really not that big of deal, if you consider that most of the clans did not know what to do when surveyed and offered up patterns during the 18th century which most were variations off the black watch, with merely setts in different colors.

    Many think that Kilts and Tartan have been around since the very beginning. Tartan has been around for a long time, since about the time man began weaving. The oldest in Scotland is the Falkirk tartan with a conservative date of 250 AD. Of course repeating setts were also found in China dating to same time, so it’s not that exclusive to just Scotland, it was just that Scots make it their brand of identity, not unlike how some gangs identify themselves with certain color coloring.

    So what about William Wallace, aka Braveheart. His epic story made famous by Robert Burns actually took place in 1300. Belted plaid (played) did not show up until the 1700’s. So how could such a great movie be so historically wrong? Myths and exaggerations… This is the same treatment Kilts and Tartan have been given. There is some importance, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not life or death, as though if your finance’s family even wore tartan, the extreme chance if even named the same will have likely be very different as most ancient tartan is from vegetable dyes, and modern tartan is from industrial strength dyes made from stronger chemicals. Meaning you all ready kind of break from heritage just using modern materials.

    I would pick a tartan that looks the best in a non-clan, as there are many. They even have registered tartan for most of the states of the United States, armed forces, Canadian Provence’s, along with all kinds of other tartan that will be easier to rent. Perhaps just wearing a kilt that looks good is good enough.

    I know many pipers who get wrapped up in pipe bands tend to wear the family clan tartan of the originator of the pipeband, and stick to that tartan like it was their own family tartan. Mainly because they spend at least $500 or more on it, so they are proud of it.

    Kilts are for men, and we live in modern times. Try to find something more available and let that be good enough.

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