I want to rent a bike and ride to Stonehenge. Is the road too busy for that?

I see there are also trails partway there but I don’t want to get lost.

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  • RR:

    It is a busy road but I’ve seen cyclists.

  • jonal:

    If you’re used to traffic it’s ok but if you’re not you could be the biggest danger on the road.
    Stick to the trails where you can. It’s an easy route but if you’re that worried you obviously aren’t used to a lot of cycling or following trails.
    Being on the road with limited experience won’t be doing other road users any favours at all.You need flexible fluid riding, always aware of what’s coming up and always ready for it.Ride straight, not wavering out into the road a foot or two or you could cause a nasty accident as a car swerves to avoid you.
    On main roads ride close to the kerb but keep some manouvering space, not so close that you’ve got nowhere to go when you need it.

    Want some fun?
    Dance round Hyde Park Corner on a bike. That’s what it is. Beautiful joyful dance.
    Cutting into gaps to cross lanes, darting in behind a car for a couple of seconds, move out again, always as fluid and responsive as you can be, controlling the bike mostly by shifting your body weight, quick accelerations and quick braking when needed, always looking for the next opening which might last for a second or two or it’s gone, and you d-a-n-c-e on a bike.
    Otherwise take ten times longer getting round, if you manage it at all.
    Have fun.

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