The English treated the Scottish and Irish like subhumans for the better part of a 1,000 years. Is there still much resentment today in modern British politics or has the country pretty much moved on?

Yes, I know Brown is Scottish, but beyond that, socially and popularly speaking.

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  • Star:

    Where did you hear that the English treated the Scots and Irish like subhumans over the last 1000 years? Braveheart? Do you know how many times Scotland invaded England during the middle-ages? Do you know what happened to the English in the years after 1066? And do you know how much bloodshed and chaos there already was in Ireland before the Norman knights (the same ones who stole England from the English) conquered the place for a French king at the request of the Pope?

    Do you really know enough about the past 1000 years to make a sensible comment about British history – and no I don’t mean Hollywood history and Catholic IRA propaganda. Yes there is still a big division in English/ Irish/ Scottish/ Welsh politics because they are four countries who have been forced together into an unnatural union. The sooner it ends the better for everyone.

  • andrew m:

    The Scottish were bankrupted by the darian disaster that happened when Scottish money was bankrolled to finiance a passage for ships through the Panama canal…the English offered to bail the bankrupted Scottish out by way of entering a union of the Scottish crown kingdom & the English crown kingdom…this resulted in the United Kingdom being formed in 1707….this was hugely unpopular in Scotland and opposed by most of her people…the English are a totally different bloodline from the Celtic Scots and can trace their origins to Germany and the roman empire…that is wy there is a wall dividing Scotland from England that was Built by foreigners called the Romand to keep the barbarian Celtic hordes at bay,the Celts are the original inhabitants of Britain,the Celts are the inhabitants of Scotland,Ireland and Wales….the English are basically foreigners..Scots /Irish/Welsh never got on with em and never will…they are a stuck up arrogant bunch….they are getting their just desserts just now by the fact that their country is rapidly being transformed by other cultures…Scotland bankroles Englands economy via oil,agriculture and other industries/……..we dont want or need England..or pakistan as it is known now!!

  • step:

    The English treated the Irish badly, did they? That is true, but was it just the English? Stop watching Mel Gibson films and learn some history. Many many Scottish aristocrats did extremely well out of plundering Ireland, yet the average man in a Glasgow street doesn’t seem to be held responsible like the average man south of the border.

    As for politics, Ireland was held up for years as a beacon of a successful country with a small population but now look at it. Their economy’s in ruins, and the SNP seems to have gone remarkably quiet on the subject. Meanwhile the money in London has nicely propped up the pride of Scottish banks.

    As for oil, yes it’s in Scottish waters, but who paid for the technology to find it? Who paid to build the rigs? Do they expect the whole operation to be just handed over? Without England it would still lay unexploited, anyway.

    Personally I hope the Scots vote for independence soon, then we won’t be exposed to the incessant bleating about us (the English) from the bitter side of the population. However, they won’t vote for it because they can’t survive without England and they know it. Unfortunately this will only lead to further resentment on both sides of the border.

  • Jane:

    For all the crap floating around up there in the previous answers, the fact is that now, the united kingdom works very well, socially and politically. N Ireland has been relatively peaceful .

    I am Irish, (republic of) and I am glad the UK has the burden of our 6 counties in this recessionary time. To be honest I never want those counties back, the people up there are too hostile and have massive chips on their shoulders. 28 counties down here is more than our idiot govt can handle. As for being treated like subhumans, yes, that definitely happened. All cultures have histories like that, take for example, African American civil rights only 50ish yrs ago in the states.

    When asked a question like yours, people will think hard about it and usually give an inflammatory answer, but on a day to day basis people don’t dwell on this stuff. The UK, and their best ally and neighbour the republic of ireland are all progressing well on fairly amicable terms, relatively speaking and we are strong together, any lingering resentment is in the minority.

  • strawberrym:

    As a Welsh person, I will speak for the Welsh, Scottish and Irish (if that’s ok with them) and say that the most annoying thing is that we are constantly referred to as ‘English’ by foreigners. This is not really the fault of people abroad, but just shows how much England has dominated our countries and taken away our identities.
    There is still resentment, but only a minority are extreme. Most tend to use it just as an excuse to ‘hate’ the English, although it is fairly light-hearted.

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