www.janerutter.com Jane Rutter plays My Heart will Go On from the movie “Titanic”. Romantic celtic classical flute on a beautiful ship & at beach. www.janerutter.com

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  • Coffeeconscience:

    @cachjonathan thanks so much.. this piece really is well suited for the flute and the whistle .. of course I was so happy recording this music and clip:)

  • cachjonathan:

    love it! she is amazing!

  • JaneRutterFan:

    @SaraAndStefanie Thanks for the lovely comment I bought a series of tin whistles in a local music shop…( they are not very expensive this one is in B flat).. 🙂

  • SaraAndStefanie:

    Can you please tell me what kind of irish tin whistle you were playing on in this video ? You’re awesome!

  • rosecrystal119:

    could you please send me the notes? you sound great!

  • JaneRutterFan:

    Im playing a Gold Powell with silver keys , Boston head joint. I love it!
    (Im also playing an Irish Tin Whistle!) Thanks for the nice comments everyone…:)

  • HunterRyan96:

    Wow!! what kind of flute you using?

  • willsbob123:

    This is just beautiful, although you haven’t used the original audio, the fact your out at sea resembles being on the titanic. The ocean is such a big place, and you made it look so calm with this stunning piece of music.

  • mafuyful:

    very nice

  • JaneRutterFan:

    @MusicBeSweetYo haha I guess it could be seen that way .. it is very beautiful being out at sea and i wanted to share that with people( at least my boat stayed afloat!) The second part of the clip was taken on my favourite beach in Sydney… 🙂

  • MusicBeSweetYo:

    I find this very well done and the music was great! but does anyone else think the video on the boat is a little cheesy? haha

  • supermmarcos:

    You are awesome! Kisses from Brazil

  • JaneRutterFan:

    Thanks- I had such fun recording this video 🙂

  • fanatiktitanic:


  • NOexageres:

    @horse99lover  i believe the name of the flute is irish whistle, the brand, dont know.

  • houtblazer:

    @JaneRutterFan This is exactly what I do too, I think you’re quite right

  • JaneRutterFan:

    @Kirstenx95 @Kirstenx95 I have never really practised vibrato! (J.P Rampal and Alain Marion didnt teach it either) I I just feel the music. I think its important to be able to play with very little or a lot depending on the mood& era of the piece. On flute I practice lots of detache (with &without the tongue), so that I am supporting the sound properly. With Irish whistle I just try to make it sing and I emote from the heart..to make it sound like a yearning voice! thanks for your comment 🙂

  • Kirstenx95:

    How do you get such distinct vibrato?

  • ItsFaltzer:

    @JaneRutterFan I have, but I’ve never done it in every phrase as you have. I know that when my teacher plays she says she can’t help but add a faint vibrato. I guess it’s the same for the both of you, and it works. 🙂

  • JaneRutterFan:

    @jazzflutist Yes I started out on a tin whistle, but the usic was recorded in a studio where it wasnt windy thanks for the comment!

  • JaneRutterFan:

    @ItsFaltzer Thanks I appreciate your thought but I dont think the vibrato is overdone in this piece – vibrato is part of the sound of life and the voice and i played as if i was singing.Have you ever tried life without any vibrato?Its mechanical and boring 🙂

  • JaneRutterFan:

    @horse99lover Hi I played this on a Gold Sankyo withJohn Lehner head joint. i now play a gold Verne Powell I love them both. The Irish whistle is a tin whistle-inexpensive but with a beautiful tone..I love playing it too!

  • ItsFaltzer:

    I enjoyed this very much, but there is no need to coat every phrase with a vibrato. There are places where it can add onto a piece, and places where it can detract from one.

  • JaneRutterFan:

    @OPERAKNIGHT you are so nice to say that I think Celine Dion is an AMAZING singer.. I appreciate your lovely comment 🙂

  • horse99lover:

    what brand and type of flute is this?

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