Holy Island (Lindisfarne) is situated off the Northumberland coast in the north of the UK, just a few miles south of the border between England and Scotland. The island is linked to the mainland by a causeway which twice a day is covered by the tide. Possibly the holiest site of Anglo-Saxon England, Lindisfarne was founded by St. Aidan, an Irish monk, who came from Iona, the centre of Christianity in Scotland. St Aidan converted Northumbria to Christianity at the invitation of its king, Oswald. St. Aidan founded Lindisfarne Monastery on Holy Island in 635, becoming its first Abbot and Bishop. The Lindisfarne Gospels, a 7th century illuminated Latin manuscript written here, is now in the British Museum in London but should rightfully be returned to Northumbria. The island of Lindisfarne with its wealthy monastery was a favourite stop-over for Viking raiders from the end of the 8th century. These Vikings raiders obviously concerned the monks somewhat as they vacated the monastery and did not return for 400 years. Lindisfarne continued as an active religious site from the 12th century until the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1537. It seems to have become disused by the early 18th Century.

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  • mmacritics:



  • ebatrakom:

    I visited the island last July…really nice!

  • NEVERMORExxxxx:

    I am in Love -This is my place where I want to live!

  • nitramgnal:

    I visited it about five years ago, during October. It was almost empty of tourists – apart from me and a couple of others. It was very, very quiet.

  • acerb45666555:

    to think of the carnage that day long ago makes me shudder! But if Charlemaigne had not been a bully boy a few years before in the pagan Saxon lands, the raid never would have happened! its all connected! thats my theory.

  • kingspunkbubble:

    I visited here in september 2007. I had to wait for the tide to fall before I could reach the island. I remember the stupid tourists were becoming impatient waiting for the tide and started sounding car horns at a vehicle blocking their way. When I was on the road I was overtaken twice and I was doing about 40 mph so I wasn’t slow. What on earth could they be in a hurry for? I was hoping to find something far removed from everyday existence, but it seems no place is really sacred.

  • Waelwulfas:

    What is the song, who wrote it? Good video.

  • davehardinguk:

    Great video – Thanks

  • Wodanaz:

    Anyway, being a Northumbrian, I have a fondness for our coastline including the isles. It is interesting to think about the view that our ancestors saw when they travelled from Denmark and northern Germany to create the kindgoms of Bernicia and Deira. What a beautiful and pure landscape it would have been (save a few Romano-British towns).

  • Wodanaz:

    ”Iberian” DNA is probably not unigue to Iberia but probably existed in all non-Indo-Europeans.

  • Wodanaz:

    Wrong on both counts, the Sami are Finno-Ugric not Asian or Iberian.

  • Gunnarsguns:

    Im pretty sure there is quite a bit of iberian blood in the northern reaches. I have reason to believe my ancestors came from norway yet im r1bc2 halpotype and thats iberian in origin i do believe

  • albionspirit:

    great video and a great part of the country
    i visited lindisfarne as a young lad fantastic

  • UTD111:

    Thanks for taking the time to comment

  • MojaveRanger:

    Yeah… my mutti is what I call Scandinavian Goulash… Danish-Swedish-Norwegian-Finnish.
    Und mein Vatter sind Bayish (Bavarian), so that makes me a Norseman through and through!!!

    Except that I recently learned something new. For generations it was assumed that the Sami (Lapplanders {what I call “Reigndeer Jockeys”}) were descendents of ancient Asian migrants. Recent DNA studies show that their anscestors were Iberian. So I guess there is a little southern influence in there!!!

  • UTD111:

    And all my own work (for a change) LOL

  • UTD111:

    Really?? I’ll have to look that one up (unless you are planning a vid of course :o) )

  • UTD111:

    Well we can keep it secret if they stop putting those adverts “discover Northumbria” on the telly!!

  • UTD111:

    Aha!! A viking!! and here’s me thinking those little horns on your head were the devil in you :o)

  • ajdpadbury:

    Nice video Mick, stunning photography!:)

  • MojaveRanger:

    Nice pipes… excellent choice of music!!!

    (Please accept my apologies for my ancestors constant pillaging.)

  • northumbrian15:

    the secret kingdom, how lucky we are

  • KurtGnu:

    Very nice.. 🙂 The priory sems to have been built in a similar style to the one here in Colchester, judging by the ruins.. 🙂

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