Selections from Jones’ score to the movie.

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  • lizardpaperspock:

    This is my favourite movie in the whole world. My mum took me to see it when I was eight with my Nanna and we all loved it.´╗┐ As a professional musician myself I find myself drawn to the last sample that you uploaded here. It’s my favourite part ­čśë

  • Glynreaper08:

    I love´╗┐ how captivating the music is as theres essences of mystical fantasy, adventure, legendary folktales and appreciation for lifes mysteries

  • 5ENKi:

    I think it’s a Rod Stewart song, with an another starting.´╗┐ The song title is: The rythm of my heart.

  • hmngbrd:

    That’s the one I’m looking for too, the end song of´╗┐ the movie!

  • richestrich95:

    What’s´╗┐ the last piece called?

  • Charlie Archibald:

    go to- ww . 1channel. ch and type in loch ness and its the last´╗┐ one in the list

  • Charlie Archibald:

    The song is entitled “Return to the Highlands” which is a concept mix of “Will Ye Go Lassie Go” & “Rhythm of my Heart” – I have a copy of the song from´╗┐ the premium edition boxset album. I can send you it if you send me a message with your email

  • Charlie Archibald:

    The song is entitled “Return to the Highlands” which is a concept mix of “Will Ye Go Lassie Go” & “Rhythm of my Heart” – I have a copy of the song from the premium edition boxset album. I can send you´╗┐ it if you send me a message with your email

  • TheInspirationExpert:

    You mean the theme on guitar. I think I can guess why it wasn’t included in the soundtrack´╗┐ release (I’m guessing it wasn’t, if you can’t find it). It contains the melody of the pop song that finishes the movie. I love how the theme is used on guitar, but I doubt the recording studio felt like going through the trouble to secure the rights in order to release it on the soundtrack. I’m sorry if they didn’t include it. That scene was great, and the music was a big part of that.

  • worduptre:

    Ok, the child said something along the the lines of …no, you have to see it to believe it??? this does not appear on the´╗┐ internet any where, am I just odd?


    Hi, I know its been a while, but I loved that version too. It’s Wild Mountain Thyme. Trad Scottish Song,´╗┐ given the Mark Knopfler treatment. It’s to die for but not commercially available. Will have to buy the film.

  • TarielMaeda:

    Yeah that’s it.
    I always liked that part. Seeing the Elasmosaurs (or is it Plesiosaurs, the movie wasn’t precise) with the´╗┐ baby at the end.

  • woollybully100:

    where’s the bit of music where’s he’s on the boat trying to search the monster´╗┐ and its all loud and a very sorta actiony type of music.

  • lee singleton:

    Rod Stewart Rhythm Of My´╗┐ Heart

  • alibalibe100:

    its called wild mountain thyne many groups sing it´╗┐ try Deacon Blue version

  • Truthguy2121:

    One of the greatest musical scores of all time in my opinion,this´╗┐ music is so beautiful and charming but just like the movie very underrated.

  • darealperloo:

    @ Jenningside: yes, thank you. I’ve found´╗┐ that song already, was quite happy about it. But hard to find a proper version which is similar to the movie one.

  • Jenningside:

    I haven’t seen the film in years but I think the song you want is Wild Mountain Thyme. My Mam used to sing it to me as a kid and I think that’s what she called it. There’s a slightly rocked up version on here by The Silencers so you can check if it’s the right one´╗┐ (it takes about a minute to get to the recognisable bits) but I’m sure there are other versions about. Hope that helps!

  • 19MetalMan93:

    oooh, ah thanks very much´╗┐ ­čÖé

  • guitarish:

    It was´╗┐ called Beneath Loch Ness

  • cutelarz:

    to darealperloo, have u found out what that song was called? as id like´╗┐ to find it!!!

  • 19MetalMan93:

    can anyone help? i saw a film about the loch ness years ago, but it must have been in the 2000’s cuz the special effects were awsome, i think it was called ‘curse of the loch ness’ but theres nothing on youtube about it. in it the monster was like a hu-wow-ge sea snake. I THINK they blew it up in the end (im not thinking bout jaws) NEAR the end a guys in the water with a spear but nessie pwns him. any ideas what it´╗┐ was? or if im not actualy thinking bout a nessie film?

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