love this song…Scottish / Irish war march

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  • fenswoman:

    @willowflight17, sorry dear but no. Heather wrote this a LONG time ago, and recorded it first with Phoenix.  This recording is also from before the advent of the Heir, and before the formation of Uffington Horse.

  • DarkJedi202:

    this is Alex, if my memory serves correctly this was recorded shortly after the operation so hence why Alex still sounds kind of feminine. But this is an Alexander James Adams song and not a Heather Alexander song.

  • Willowflight17:

    I need one by Alex, this is by Heather, does anyone know where to find it?
    ((Heather = female, Alex = Male now))

  • ragingawkwardpenguin:

    She wrote this song when she was 16 (if my memory serves me right, she said this at a concert 7 or 8 years ago) just to spite her parents and use the word “*******.”

  • fishsiclesify:

    Of course, “those who render other armies helpless without fighting are the best of all”.

  • gaconnochie:

    And the president is democratically elected. The monarch is normally only monarch because of accident of birth.

  • darkjester53:

    Thumbs up if you’d march to war against any foreign force invading your home after or while hearing this song.

  • darkjester53:

    There’s more then one difference, yet alone in tasks, responsabilities, authority and so on there’s much difference.

  • ginatho:

    whenever i hear this song i feel like i can take on the world

  • bullyboy1863:

    ….makes me wanna go pillage a village….

  • falconlord5:

    The only difference between a president and a king is the president has a fixed term.

  • l33tsamurai:

    yeah no ****! as a citizen of america i think we should pull our goddamned noses outta EVERYONE elses business and pursue alternative energy so we dont have to fightfor oil.

  • l33tsamurai:

    id LOVE this song if someone else sang it. Not that he/she has a bad voice it just doesn’t seem to…fit i guess.

  • TriaMaxwell:

    @Grimilius Better dragon cults than Christians.

  • keithehlert:

    move to europe then!

  • GermBritScotsIrish15:

    America would be better if we started to bring the jobs out of the poor countries and produce more than we take in……but that would take alot of heartbreak…….just like if we would go back to the gold standard…..alot of death also

  • darkviking87:

    we have a beautiful history and on one thing I agree with you : we’d be far more respected as a nation if we had a monarch leading us instead of a bunch of corrupt politicians …

  • darkviking87:

    man just for your general knowledge my country Romania has quite a history, real one, not the type you mentioned as linked to some fantastical and hollywood-inspired myth of Vlad the Impaler. He does exist as a historical figure in various chronicles , but he wasn’t some kind dragon cult member .. if I’m not mistaken, his father was called Vlad Dracul because of his coat of arms resembling a dragon…(”Drac” in Romanian can be interpreted as a snake/serpent/dragon, you see…)

  • tiastus:

    Y. it allwas importent to know how people thinks in when it happen to them. tactical warfare is a strong weapeon. but can something help prewent war 🙂

  • valcan321:

    Well i see why you would say that considering what people around the world have been taught for the last 50yrs. But the reality is a bit different. Ussually we were on the side of the non whites or non european ppls i guess you could say. Sure there were exception but there always were. We were expansionist still are to some degree.

    However we have tons of resources we just dont develope them for varying stupid political reasons.

    That and a high cost of labor.

  • darkviking87:

    I think they want more and more oil and new lands to conquer… the term I used is a bit forced but the same rules applies now as they did for hundreds of years for world’ superpowers. America is imperialistic by nature, and in great need for other countries’ resources ..

  • darkviking87:

    so you’ve really read Sun Tzu’s Art of War by the looks of it! yes it helps you a great deal to anticipate a move made against you and to strike first, no matter the field of application …I couldn’t agree most!

  • tiastus:

    the best deffence is a good offence and knowing you enmy is half the war. that the way i live. now it allwas funny to get your friends to think you can read minds and that kind of think. when it just knowing he´s next move. but stil fun 🙂

  • jwomack94:


  • lynxcat73:

    except that neither of those examples are good analogies of what the USA has been doing, foreign-policy-wise, for the last many years. (or ever, really.) if your summary was truly correct, we should have inveded Saudi Arabia — but real life is a lot more complicated than that.

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