Tell me whaur ye’re gaun, lad, An who ye’re gaun tae meet A’m headed for the station That’s in Buchanan Street, A’ll join 200000 That’s there tae meet the train That’s bringing back tae Glesca Our ain dear John MacLean Dominie, Dominie There was nane like John MacLean, The fightin Dominie Tell me whaur he’s been, lad, An why has he been there? They’ve had him in the prison For preachin in the Square, For Johnny held a finger up Tae aa the ills he saw, He was right side o the people, But the wrang side o the law Johnny was a teacher In one o Glasgow’s schools The golden law was silence But Johnny broke the rules, For a world o social justice Young Johnny couldnae wait, He took his chalk an easel Tae the men at the shipyard gate The leaders o the nation Made money hand ower fist By grindin doun the people By the fiddle an the twist, Aided an abetted By the preacher an the Press John caad for revolution An he caad for nothin less The bosses an the judges United as one man For Johnny was a danger Tae their ’14-’18 plan, They wanted men for slaughter In the fields o Armentiers, John caad upon the people Tae smash the profiteers They brought him to the courtroom In Edinburgh toun, But still he didnae cower, He firmly held his ground, An stoutly he defended His every word an deed, Five years it was his sentence In the jail at Peterheid Seven months he lingered In prison misery Till the people rose in fury, In Glesca an Dundee, Lloyd George an aa his cronies Were shaken tae the

25 Responses to “Matt McGinn – Ballad of John MacLean”

  • nacho1560:

    This video is real history, not the modern politician’s version of it. John McLean should have streets, universities, schools, etc., called after him. Scotland’s greatest hero after Wallace, but only by a whisker.

  • lgvhnI5s:


  • majorMcpharter:

    Let us all help to speed the day when this wonderful earth and its rich resources are held in common for the benfit of all humanity.Workers of all lands unite.

  • megiziii:

    Forward to WISCONSIN!!!!!

  • 3tangle3:

    @undercoverbrother67 today the loyal labour loyalists I find can be very self loathing and forget about real socialism is and are not using their brains

    The religious divisions stoked by london also have not helped

  • 3tangle3:

    Remember the 1820 insurrection and the murder and mutilation of two scotsmen at the gallows for protesting for liberty!!

  • DG67fg:

    @wvprogressive1933 Can i counter that argument (with respect) – any Glasgow socialist who tries to fight the argument now is quickly put down/ ridiculed by the media. Galloway overcomes it by courting it unsuccessfully, Sheridan fights it legally , unsuccessfully. Point being, the best socialist speakers in Scotland have NOT been allowed to speak to and inflame the public again. The internet might see a change in situation now though. But Galloway and Sheridan did not have the internet.

  • immobobby:

    @nacho1560 Changed? But in what way? In some call centres the workers – sorry: “call centre agents” – have to raise their hands if they want to go to the toilet.

  • cosmik1966:

    just enjoy matts music the likes we will not hear again rip matt

  • jokersmoker00oo:

    @fudgie71 thats the beauty o the internet its open media man

  • jinky2go2:

    @thistlewarrior well put and so true

  • nacho1560:

    John McLean, red McLean. The working class has changed since John’s time but ffs, we still must keep this man’s beliefs in the forefront. Fantastic man.

  • MrWattsite:

    I’d kiss this mans feet if he was alive.
    John Maclean should have his own monument in Edinburgh

  • undercoverbrother67:

    Scottish socialism has always harboured great potential. We are in a unique position as Scots. If only the monarchists from down south hadn’t infected most of our minds with fantasies about equality and union. But fear not…the hurdles we face only make us jump higher.
    Never give up on the socialist dream!
    from a new-age communist in the gorbals

  • MsPatty1952:

    @thistlewarrior You are so right! Thank you for having the courage to say it!

    Freedom for Ireland and Scotland!

    Peace & Love Patty

  • arthurdonachy:

    fir fuksache! is that your granda?whit a wank! scottish blood, whit the fucks that aboot,hes needin to go back for an extended holidey and get mugged and ,no forget that

  • arthurdonachy:

    @nelkums Aye we wull, and better,yous are needin t give the chips away bytheway luv ye dunnachie

  • tamhunter65:

    We need another like him or better still a whole parliament of him

  • nelkums:

    A true man of the people, we wulny see his likes again

  • fudgie71:

    This was the time when people had ideals they learned from a young age.They also had real dreams ,not present day media distorted dreams. Our young people today also have ideals & dreams!! They are confused when they try to put them forward & are not allowed to. They are projected to be extreme when they do try to express their views. By a distorded MEDIA [ Can we refer to this as Media anymore or Sensational T.V & Papers.

  • otisfirefly62:

    He was my dads cousin, he deserves the gratitude of Scotlands people not to be lost to history.

  • mcwarty29:

    FREEE Joe Glenton, 27, from York,

  • stevejedi:

    great song about a man who is “NEVER” mentioned in ww1 documetaries, and to be honest, it’s a story i would like to be told nationaly, regularly 😀

  • Halfcoron:

    Great dedication to the man! Have a listen to my Glasgow song dedicated to Jimmy Magee. Cheers, Halfcorona

  • allymltn:

    Yer blawin aboot George Galloway but what about wur man Tommy Sheridan? Im wishing him and his wife all the best for their perjury case against the so called “news paper”. It’s a bloody disgrace that this is happening they are being hounded because of his beliefs and actions as a man who really does care about his fellow working man!

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