I was born in dear old Glasgow, in a Gallowgate tenement, When people spoke of my bonny land I didn’t know what they meant. But then I took: to travel, I moved far and wide, Now when I speak of my native land I speak with loving pride: For I hae seen the Hieland’s, I hae seen the Low, And I will brag o’ my native land wherever I may go. Old Nature took a tantrum, rnany’s the age gone by, To outdo all of her wondrous works she thought she’d hae a try, She toiled and she thundered, she rumbled and she rolled, She made the Hielands o’ Scotland then she threw away the mould: Come rambling up by Oban, strolling down by Perth, In the rugged hills o’ Argyllshire find the sweetest place on earth; Go gazing by the Cuillins, see the Lomond in the mist, In the lovely island of Moula hear the songbird at its best: The Irish and the English, the African and Turk, For a world of joy and harmony together we will work. On the shore of foreign brothers we’ll lay no robber’s hand, And all we wish is to toil and work in our own native land

13 Responses to “Matt McGinn – I Have Seen The Highlands”

  • monsmeg1:

    Forever Scottish …And proud of it 🙂

  • 3tangle3:

    @Kirstybeth you can have a scottish republic and be an internationalist………….

  • TrAGiiCzFTW:

    Scotland’s home, and home till the day I die!!!

  • elportogrande:

    @nacho1560 had not heard this song since the 70’s, and heard it when abroad,on a local radio station I am not ashamed to say I cried like a wee boy! It brought back so many happy memories of my childhood. It was also a double edged sword (Claymore?) I was so bloody homesick I went back not too long after that. 10 minutes in the cold and I knew it was a mistake! What a great song

  • showaddy11:

    nobody owns any land. go back. who did they buy it of of. the scots love the land they stand on. worked it well. greedy people with other ideas. sheep are more important than people. oh! creator forgive them. cos i,ve goat bother

  • Kirstybeth:

    @UnitedScots – where exactly do you live? Even if Scots by birth or parentage, still British (nationality) and the Scots diapora has spread throughout UK & Canada & USA & South Africa and beyond.

    Stop being so parochial and please listen to last verse – Matt McGinn was a fine internationalist!

  • rosswatt1979:

    @SaperionZ aye but if they cant be arsed then **** em…let them argue aboot bein irish or british …most are tubes when they go north anyway

  • SaperionZ:

    That’s so good…for me, it’s also a call to sooo many people I know who live in the Central Belt (Glasgow across to Edinburgh) who never get off their backsides and go and see the country they live in, preferring to jet off to Spain etc….Scotland (has it faults), but is really a stunning country.

  • boingsomeness:

    This is beautiful! Thanks for posting!

  • freddy77777:


  • mush1955:

    I hav’nt seen Lord Charles for ages. Last verse struck a chord.

  • thistlewarrior:

    Well said nacho, couldnae have put it better ma’sel

  • nacho1560:

    Never heard this one before. Wonderful. Matt’s right.

    Scotland is a majestic country, beautiful, glorious.

    When we gain our independence what a land we’ll have to enjoy.

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