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  • carlowbhoy:

    RIP, I am a Celtic fan and i am disgusted that some idiots would make such comments. My Dad was at the game and attended many Funerals and Rememberance ceremonies for the 66 who died that day. He was invited by the local branch of the RSC because he was secretary of the Celtic Supporters Club and stood shoulder to shoulder with the grieving families. RIP

  • ourpeoplesvoice:

    God bless them all & God bless those who died at Hillsbrough ,
    wise up you absalute Scum of ths earth !!

  • TheMercenary551:

    @SCOTTISHTIM piss off it was a tragic incident r.i.p

  • TheMercenary551:

    none of them deserved to die, lest we forget R.I.P the 66

  • spex19721:

    matt mcginn doing a song in memory for our 66 lost that sad day…a day football fans should stand together…..well done mate…………….BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FOR EVERY OTHER CELTIC FAN THT FIND ANYTHING FUNNY ABOUT THT SAD DAY ARE NOTHING BUT SCUM….CELTIC SCOTLANDS SHAME


  • union1872:

    lest we forgot..gone but not forgotten!
    we are the people

  • Clydeboy2k8:

    @TaraMcm1979 This isn’t a funny fucking video away and fucking grow up ya wanker, people died in this I dont see it as a laughing matter , people like you shouldn’t be allowed to support football teams YOU ARE THE TRUE SCUMBAG HERE!

  • MrStruth:

    @SCOTTISHTIM What a sad pathetic twisted rodent you are.

    To soil a fantastic tribute from a Celtic fan to the victims of the Ibrox disaster is just sick.


    WILLIE WADDELL KNEW!!! During 1963, concerns were raised about the safety of the stairway adjacent to passageway 13 the exit closest to Copland Road subway station. On 16 September 1961 two people were killed in a crush on the stairway, and there were two other incidents where several people were injured. WILLIE WADDELL KNEW AND DID NOTHING TO PREVENT THIS TERRIBLE DISASTER!!!

  • bigbillbob88:

    66 died and there really is nothing funny about that 66 life lost in a tragic way with painfull deaths. Im a jambo btw not a rangers fan but at the end of the day it was scots men

  • rpg1967:

    @TaraMcm1979 Your truly are a piece of dirt, i’m guessing your about 15 have no friends and the only thing in your life is spreading hate across the net. Maybe as u grow you’ll realise the shame you bring upon yourself with comments like that.

    RIP the 66
    From across the Glasgow divide
    Hail hail.

  • paulinesmith44:

    @TaraMcm1979 if u had listened to the song instead of laughing at the video ( sick biatch ) u will hear that ..ALL GLASGOW WAS UNITED …THERE WERE NO BILLY’S NO DAN’S that day …grow up

  • PleaseGoAway1000:

    @TaraMcm1979 You must have a really **** life to say that. I bet you smell.

  • tomhamilton8:

    a great song, no matter what happened

  • drasticplastic:

    @TaraMcm1979 **** you too ya **** hope you get cancer shrivel up and die ya ****

  • Madpup1uk:

    @TaraMcm1979 how can you write that. 66 die and you mock them.

  • TaraMcm1979:

    Rest in piss ye dirty scum Up the Ra this is a funny vid :p

  • SammyEnglish:

    May they forever rest in peace.

  • Shonaghm:

    Thanks for posting this. Such a sad event, such a sad song.

  • bigtamj:

    This must have been one of the first ‘benefit’ songs ever. I remember my dad playing this every new year with tears in his eyes, Even to this day it still gets to you to hear it. They shall never be forgotten

  • Olitash:

    Never forget the 66 lost souls of the Ibrox disaster.


  • NorthernSoulGer:

    Hard to listen to
    God bless our missing 66
    Sleep well

  • teresaj3011:

    A tragic event for both sides

    I have been searching for this for ages ty dafty, got this on 45 but scratched to hell with use xxxxx T

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