May The Living Be Dead (In Our Wake) on piano I don’t use sheet music so don’t ask for any. Done all by ear. Also, I went to see Flogging Molly at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC for the second time on March 2nd and holy $#!t. Not only were the warm-up acts better than last time’s -Dub Trio (Who i hated) and The Aggrolites (Who were okay)- but the whole show was better. I wasn’t expecting much from this times openers, The Architects, due to my mistaking them for another band called The Architects, which is a death metal band, but they were actually okay and their second song was good. Frank Turner, who i knew would be good, was AWESOME!1! I genuinely wanted him to keep going. Anyway. The stage went dark soundtrack cut off and I saw seven silhouettes run out on stage framed in blue light and the driving start of (No More) Paddy’s Lament filled the room. And they never let up. I’ll try to describe the high-points but really the whole show WAS the highpoint. Playing 24 songs in all (Counting “The Wrong Company”), My favorites were the acoustic version of “The Wanderlust” from Whiskey on A Sunday, “Punch Drunk Grinning Soul”, “The Worst Day Since Yesterday”, “Every Dog Has Its Day”, the version of “Factory Girls” with Bridgette on the vocals, “What’s Left of The Flag”, “If I Ever Leave This World Alive” (Casey’s guitar break was epic) and, of course, the encore when just Dave King came out and sang “The Wrong Company” and then launched right into an acoustic version of “Black

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  • mashmusic11235:

    I could pick this´╗┐ up by ear, but for one thing. What notes/chords are you playing with your left hand? It looks like you’re alternating between notes on one chord. Any help would be appreciated.
    You’re awesome! ­čÖé

  • RiloKyvlaar:

    So! The more you sing the more experienced you become. The better you become. You don’t have to have a “great” sounding voice to be great(or a beautiful voice). You don’t have to look pretty to get the job done, you need to know how to get it done. Practice makes perfect just work at it sing everyday and you’ll be on top. Granted you might be uncomfortable with your´╗┐ voice and don’t think you’ll sing well and that thought WILL lead you to fail. Become confident and experienced and you’ll do well

  • BackyardPiano:

    @RiloKyvlaar I am not very comfortable with the way my voice sounds at this point in time.´╗┐ I like how it sounds to me as I’m singing (not this song) but when recorded i don’t.

    Yeah the octave might be higher. That may be because my middle octave has broken keys in it and i generally play the lower and higher ones around it.

    For the voice on this video i used “Piano 1” with “Piano 2” layered on top of it. For the Voiced version i used “Folk Guitar” for the background and “Piccolo” as the main.

  • RiloKyvlaar:

    Why don’t you sing it yourself while playing the music. Unless you want it to be voiceless. I think that you should sing because, not that you don’t play the singing part well, it’s just that there are things people can do with their voices that can’t be done very well on a piano. Plus when you played it, it sounded an octave higher than he sings it. I don’t have my piano with me so I couldn’t help you with that one. What´╗┐ did you use for the voice by the way?

  • RiloKyvlaar:

    You can change the backriff on the piano to something like an accordion or a violin or guitar, but I don’t suggest using a whistle, but a flute might work. Try it with those and pick the most Irish´╗┐ sounding one.

  • BackyardPiano:

    @RiloKyvlaar Do you want me to do a version using a different piano tone or other instrument voices like a whistle, guitar or accordion?´╗┐

  • RiloKyvlaar:

    You play faster than´╗┐ the original version but well transposed. Might I suggest that, since you have a keyboard piano, use something with a little more Irish taste.

  • BackyardPiano:

    Wasn’t bashing the Aggrolites at all. It was´╗┐ Dub Trio that i did not care for.

  • r0b0bert:

    The Aggrolites were awesome BTW, people loved them just as much as flogging molly´╗┐

  • RadioSixteen:

    Wonderful job! Again. haha
    Is there nothin’ at all left´╗┐ to say?

  • BackyardPiano:

    Thank You very much.´╗┐

  • AwwSnap13:

    Love´╗┐ the song
    Love this
    Love the background
    Great job ­čÖé

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