Part 7 of the award winning movie.

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  • Harvey Carter:

    Ireland had already been partitioned in April 1914 after the heroes of the UVF imported weapons and ammunition from the German Empire.

  • Daniel robinson:

    Heroic? I have a better name for the tans. Murdering arseholes who came in to subjugate the country to more British rule and who murdered and beat up innocents. And what law and order? They did more to disturb the peace than the IRA, although most of it was revenge attacks for IRA ambushes, and that wouldnt be so bad, except most of the people they attacked were innocent.

  • darthroden:

    The Bloody Sunday shootings at Croke Park was not done by an armored car but by police forces shooting from outside the stadium into the crowds.

  • 1000MRJason:


  • thelegodude123456ify:

    You think the croke park massacre was funny? Think of all the innocent children ,women and men at the game, the familys who lost uncles, cousins, mothers, fathers, children at that match. Your great grandfather was a killer.

  • Harvey Carter:

    No, my-great-grandfather helped uphold alw and order during the IRA’s pointless, failed terrorist campaign of 1919-1922. During the civil war he helped the pro-Treaty terrorists defeat the anti-Treaty terrorists.

    George V was the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 1910 to 1927, after which he was King of Great Britain and King of Ireland.

  • dhermitmorse:

    I am not going to convince someone who has an emotional investment in a particular story despite that story being wrong. You are making radical claims that accepted history is wrong. That is your problem. All I can say is that your facts and understading of the events is very wrong but I cannot make you admit to it.
    BTW I could declare myself the king of scotland but that wouldn’t make it so. King George V was not the king of Ireland even if he called himself that.

  • dhermitmorse:

    Your great grandfather took part in the oppression of the Irish people? It makes sense now that you would not want to admit that your family has a stain on its tree.
    I was refering to the holocaust in Europe. The American genocide of the Native Americans is another great example. It is a stain, a big one, on the history of America but denying it happened does not make it go away. It happened and unfortunately none of the people responsible were punished and now they are all dead and out of reach

  • Harvey Carter:

    George V was King of Ireland as well as KIng of Great Britain.

    The vast majority of people in Ireland wanted to remain in the UK, and there was no “oppression” of any kind.

    The execution of IRA gunmen disguised as civilians is always wonderful.

    Westminster should have given the great Irishman Lord French tanks and planes to restore law and order.

  • dhermitmorse:

    Irish crown, there was no Irish crown in 1920, wtf are you talking about? British agents, UK agents, it makes no difference what you call them. Their leaders got their orders from the British crown to oppress the Irish people who wanted freedom and to suppress any uprisings.
    The execution of civilians is never heroic. That you say so makes me wonder if you are being genuine or just trolling because I have a hard time believing that any sane person would make such a claim.

  • Harvey Carter:

    The Croke Park massacre was fucking hilarious, just like the Burning of Cork.

    My great-grandfather Ciaran Aiken was one of the heroic Black and Tans sent to uphold law and order until partition came into effect.

    By the way, which holocaust were you referring to? The American Holocaust of the Native Indians?

  • dhermitmorse:

    Not according to the local papers and the only 1 handgun that was recovered by a man who claimed that someone from the stadium threw it in his backyard and I’ll remind you that nearly half of the casualties from that crowd were British.
    I don’t know what propaganda you swallowed but Bloody Sunday is called a massacre for a reason. Denying it is like Iran denying the holocaust or Turkey denying the Armenian genocide. It is a stain on Britains history but denying it doesn’t make the stain go away.

  • Harvey Carter:

    The Normans invaded Ireland after they had conquered England and oppressed the Saxons.

    The United States was formed by British colonists who were planted in North America at the same time as the Scots in Ulster.

  • dhermitmorse:

    Ireland was invaded by Normans (The ancestors of the British) in 1169 and ever since the Irish have been trying to expel them. British control of Ireland and abuse of the Irish people continued and the Irish people continued to resist and revolt. To say that Ireland was legally joined with great Britain is like saying that the invasion of Red Coats into America was not an invasion. It is a farce. The British conquered land, that doesn’t mean that the conquered land belongs to Britain.

  • Harvey Carter:

    IRA gunmen disguised as civilians fired at the RIC from the crowd.

    The RIC was the Irish police force, run by the Irish on the Irish Crown’s behalf. That makes them UK agents, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland accountable for their heroic actions.

  • dhermitmorse:

    They were not IRA terrorists, they were spectators at a soccer game. Where on earth did you hear that the brits killed IRA terrorists at that soccer match. One IRA man was killed early that day and three more were later torturned and shot after the massacre but none were killed at the stadium itself.
    The RIC was a quasi military police force run by brits and that carried out orders on the crowns behalf, that makes them British agents and Britain accountable for their actions.

  • Harvey Carter:

    Actually the massacre of IRA terrorists at Croke Park was carried out by Irish policemen from the RIC.

    There was no occupation as Ireland was legally joined with Great Britain.

  • dhermitmorse:

    From what I hear people are still torn on the issue of unification. The only thing that seems agreed to is the lack of desire for violence.

  • SlenderMan92:

    And that is the reason why Northern Ireland want to stay in the union.

  • dhermitmorse:

    The british took palestinian land they occupied and gave it to the isrealis, that is why they are ultimately responsible for that conflict. Bloody sunday was a massacre of innocent civilians and those british knew they were innocent. It was cold blooded murder. There is no excuse for it and any british agent on irish soil was a part of the occupation and was not innocent. The IRA (of that time) was right to kill any occupying agent.

  • SlenderMan92:

    both? Bloody Sunday was in retaliation to British Agents being killed… many of who were innocent.

  • DarKool81:

    Bloody Sunday 1920

  • silentiumestaureum93:

    They contribute Freemasonry and decent whiskey.

  • dhermitmorse:

    Funny how the british were ultimately responsible for both.

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