EDIT 2: I stopped the option of giving a reaction. Sorry or the people who enjoy the song. Me and Heather Dale are really appreciating your support. But my inbox gets TOO crowded with reactions that only labels other people, calls other people (and their religion) names or whatever idiot uses of words… So hopefully you can still enjoy the music, without putting a reaction on it EDIT: Finally I found the picture of the woman back: Here you go and please credit the maker when you visit it 😉 darknesswonder.deviantart.com I like the song and I like the story^^ [Though, I do not know all the details, so please don’t ask them. I won’t be able to help] But I made this Lyrics video. I hope you like it^^ I DON’T OWN ANYTHING. PURELY FANMADE. NO PROFIT MADE WITH THIS CREDITS: Mordred’s Lullaby (TOL Mix), written and performed by Heather Dale, from her CD “Avalon” — mp3 and CDs available at on iTunes or www.HeatherDale.com!!! THE STORY: Mordred LeFay is the son of King Arthur and Arthur’s half sis. His mother (Morgan LeFay) teaches him from cradle to grave that his father (Arthur) has stolen the throne from her. (She has her reasons, let it stay at that) So she thinks it is up to Mordred to get it back, even if it means he will die. [Don’t you just LOVE motherly affection? ]

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