Humblebums song ‘Mother’

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  • MsDarkPeaches:

    I found it!  & I loved it! Thank You for telling me about it!

  • SilverWolfMoon:

    Try and find ‘If it Wasne for Your Wellies’ 🙂

  • MsDarkPeaches:

    WOW!!!!!!!!! I was introduced to Billy Connolly’s stand up comedy about 2/3 months ago by a friend that lives in Scotland. I will never be able to thank him enough for doing it!!!!! I have laughed till tears rolled down my face, just what I need at this time of my life. NOW I just listened to~~ ‘Mother’ ~ The Humblebums (Billy Connolly / Gerry Rafferty) It was beautiful!!!! Sham on ya Billy for makin me think ya couldn’t sing!! I know better now!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!

  • MsBkirk:

    The Humblebums must have been a folkie equivalent of Mark and Jeremy in Peep Show in that, if you combined Billy’s outgoing qualities and storytelling, and Gerry’s musicianship, you’d have the perfect person!

  • bobthebanshee:

    I listen to this everyday since i discovered it.

  • Tammy Sweetkiss:

    billy is simply the best laf out loud comics i”ve ever heard (deep thinking singer )

  • ksmsw4:

    Hello there, that’s exactly what I was thinking. I’m a Londoner myself but I am really appreciating the soft voice Billy is singing with….

  • maddath:

    Gerry Rafferty 1947-2011. We miss you, man. Play on… on.

  • alkadypod:

    RIP Gerry Rafferty

  • DMEB:

    i completely 100% love this song…. cant be beaten..

  • showaddy11:

    billy if yi didnae keep harpin own aboot being a rubbish singer we might think you are a real wan. aye billy you are a real yin. in the nicest possible way

  • TheYearTwentyTwenty:

    gerry rafferty is the best harmony singer i’ve ever heard

  • estaa11:

    haha i cant hear billy connolly’s voice without laughing anymore, kept expecting a joke.

  • chunkyscotty:

    Billy Connolly often says he has a voice like a goose farting in the fog but this song is proof that thats rubbish!

  • xTHExJOKERx718:

    shows Billy wasnt al maddness eh? lol

  • hawjhawj68:

    As an American who first discovered Billy about 20 years ago when Whoopi Goldberg introduced him to us on an HBO special, it’s great to hear a sample of what the world’s greatest stand-up comedian was doing earlier in his career. It came as a real surprise to me when I first learned that he was once in a band with Gerry Rafferty! Wow! Who woulda thunk it? Anyway, great to hear it!

  • Gairlochan:

    Very beautiful, especially as it’s sung in their native accent, in stead of the usual, characterless,’ transatlantic rock’ accent so many Commonwealth bands adopt. A Scottish accent is one of the most beautiful of all accents for singing with.

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