Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh – Slán le Máigh – The Highland Sessions – BBC 2005 Slán le Máigh -=- -=- (le hAindrias MacCraith) Slán is céad ón dtaobh seo uaim Cois Máigh na gcaor na gcraobh na gcruach, Na stát na séad na saor na slua, Na ndán na ndréacht na dtréan gan ghruaim. Curfá: Och, och, ochón, is breoite mise Gan chuid gan chóir gan choip gan choiste Gan sult gan seod gan spórt gan spionnadh Ó seoladh mé chun uaignis. Slán go héag dá saorfhir shuairc, Dá dáimh dá cléir dá héigs’ dá sua, Do m’chairde cléibh gan chlaon gan cluain, Gan cháim gan cháin gan chraos gan chruas. Curfá Is fánach faon mé, is fraochmhar fuar, Is támhlag tréith ‘s is taomach trua, I mbarr an tsléibhe gan aon, monuar, I m’ pháirt, ach fraoch is gaoth aduaidh. Curfá Mudcat – Note all the alliteration Words also in Seán Óg and Manus Ó Baoill, “Ceolta Gael”, Cork, Mercier Press (first editiion, 1975, has been reprinted) More verses in “An Mangaire Súgach” (Máire Comer Bruen & Dáithí Ó hÓgáin, Baile Átha Cliath/Dublin: Coiscéim, 1996) Other publications of this song besides Ó Baoill, “Ceolta Gael”, include Donal O’Sullivan, “Songs of the Irish” , Cork: Mercier (musical notation, poetic translation by Edmund Walsh and literal trans. by O’Sullivan, background notes) and Fleur Robertson “Irish Ballads”, Gill and MacMillan, 1996 (musical notation and translation and background notes by Diarmuid Breathnach). Another recording, not easy to come by, is Deirdre Ní Floinn, “Irish Traditional Songs”, Folkways FW

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  • cormac stone:

    I grew up by the river maigue in limerick… beautiful rendition…


    I love your voice and spirit! Such an inspiration!


    Muireann sings this same song live in An Both accompanied by Michael Rooney on harp and arguably better than this version. There’s possibly too much backing going on around this by comparison.Look it up folks and see for yourselves

  • Eisirt:

    Is Muirean my favourite singer in the world? Very likely so.What an amazing voice.

  • golaoi:

    Dob é meas m’athar gurb é seo an t-amhán a bheadh ina amhrán náisiúnta is fearr don tír seo. B’fhéidir go raibh an ceart aige.

  • MarkHarmer:

    This still gives me goosebumps. Lovely to hear inversions and suspensions in the harmony – it suits this piece beautifully. And fantastic singing, of course, and beautiful playing all round. I’d have given anything to be in that group of players that day. Wow.

  • steornhugh:

    beautifully sung. Go halainn ar fad. Just discovered her and Danu – great stuff.

  • MayoSham:

    Folks this is a weird forum! What a great song with great story behind it, forget the linguistics. If I’m not mistaken Na Fili used to do a great version of this, one of the most beautiful airs in Irish music.

  • procrastinator99:

    Ok, I’ve heard another version of this where the woman singing pronounced some of the words differently, am I mishearing something, or is it just a difference in accent? The other singer I’m refering to is Lynn Hilary, by the way.

  • Lisnageeragh:

    Is this lady short of breath?

  • bheadh:

    Ar fheabhas! agus ta na chiocha mhor ata aci.

  • MusicFTW27:


  • jexplink:

    Tá Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh amhránaí iontach.

  • themerman2000:

    this song is about the poetry courts that took place in Croom Co. Limerick in the famous tavern of Seán Ó Tuama. ~Composed by Aindrias Mac Craith. Amhrán iontach. Go raibh míle.

  • jwilliam2255:

    All of her videos deserve many, many more views than they have.

  • jwilliam2255:

    This version highlights the lower range of Muireann’s enchantingly lovely voice better than the version on Daybreak or the one posted by ScoilCheoilnaBotha. I also love the camera close-ups, the emotion of the song comes thru so clearly in her face … absolutely angelic. This is what happens when an incredibly talented person grows up in a musical family in a musical community with a deep love and respect for their ancient and admirable culture.

  • jwilliam2255:

    YES! given the success of (now) four sets of Transatlantic Sessions, it’s impossible to understand why they don’t take your suggestion. They could do the folks in the states a favor by also releasing NTSC DVDs. Since they apparently won’t, St. Nick will be leaving a PAL DVD player under my tree this year.

  • bricardo83:

    Thanks for that, a friend of my mine showed me YT to mp3 site the other day,i cant believe id never seen that before.

  • specialk1988:

    You can use YT to mp3 sites to convert the audio (retaining the quality) and put them onto an ipod, if that helps you. Admittedly, somewhat more involved than buying a dvd or cd, but a solution nonetheless.

  • bricardo83:

    I cant understand why the BBC or someone else hasn’t made the series into a cd or dvd.I’d love to listen to these beautiful songs away from my laptop.

    Muireann sings this song so well, she really interprets the emotion of having to leave somewhere you love.

  • Lisnageeragh:

    Nice ornamentation …phrasing / breathing ??

  • MarkHarmer:

    I commented on this about a year ago – but it’s so great to come back and visit. It’s still a fantastic, passionate and wonderful song, beautifully performed by all. A real treat!

  • boxplayer2:

    i heard Joannie Madden play this air once and it was beautiful……..Muireann really did the song justice!

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