I love this song :3 It’s so awesome!! It made me realize really how much those immigrants went through…..Oh, and I don’t own anything and stuff…..

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  • LadyPapua:

    WOW! The text is AMAZING! How DID you do it?

  • SionCassiopeaLupin:

    Then think about how it has been in the past -.-“

  • 15bluedreams:

    The instrument at the start is the uileann pipes, they’re a traditional Irish instrument and kinda like the bagpipes but different.

  • Amanda Flint:

    so sad but I LOVE it!!!!!!!

  • Simon Van Giesen:

    Celto-Germanic including Irish, Scottish Isles-man and British and not giving up my heritage

  • Simon Van Giesen:

    R1b predominate 🙂

  • darragh vallence:


  • Keri Hamill:

    i LOVE this song!!!!!!

  • emptyspacejump:

    this song makes me loving ireland even more ♥

  • Rachel Smith:


  • Shannon Reeder:

    its not a bohemian bagpipe its the isllan pipes

  • Shannon Reeder:

    i m doing a play on this for school its so sad the famine effected so many people and killed plenty i live in ireland and im proud to be irish although all the other people in my family are english my family is orignally irish my great great grandmother went to england on a coffin because of the famine my mum and my dad moved over here (ireland) and had me so the iris reeder family has started again….. the play is all the people going into Ellis Island and signing the papers and stuff.. so sad

  • ElvenrangerBri:

    This song makes me cry every time I hear it!

  • carmen lad:

    proud to be irish!

  • transformersfan300:

    This song always gives me chills. I have some Irish in me and I’m so proud of that. The pictures in the beginning make me want to go visit the island, and Ireland as well. Just imagine… Standing in the same place that my ancestors once stood to get their chance at freedom… It really makes me grateful to have been born here.

  • xxirisheyesxx1:

    Im from ireland and i live there and we learn this song at school. this song just makes me think of all the people that had to leave their families and their homes. 🙁

  • TheLadyLionheart:

    One of my great great grandfathers came to America with his family to escape the famine and disease in Ireland.
    Someday, I hope I can go back to Ireland, where my family came from.
    This song makes me hopeful that I will get to go there. 🙂 I’m so proud of my Irish blood.


  • MoStoirin:

    This song has such meaning to me since I am a direct descendant of Annie Moore. This song puts me in tears because I always dream of getting to Ireland to see where my family came from.. such a beautiful song, one of my favourite ones about “home”.

  • RioDancesOnTheSand:

    I was born in and grew up in the North of England, with Irish-Welsh ancestry on my paternal family side, and Scots-English on my maternal. While most of my mothers very small family is still alive and/or I’ve had the chance to meet them, I know very little about my Dad’s family. I do know his mother was from a big Irish-Catholic family, and that some of them probably emigrated. This song gave me the kick up the arse to join gene-reunited and trace them. 🙂

  • MsAsangel:

    This song is heart wrenching & beautiful. The solo on the bohemian bagpipe is haunting.

  • Kit8x13:

    This song gives me chills. Especially when the ensemble joins the soloist.


  • GoaGreena:

    I’ve never been to Ireland, but I do have Celtic ancestors and I’ve always felt a strong pull towards it. One day I hope to visit, or perhaps even live there.

  • LittleBigVoice:

    I am late coming to this song, but I uploaded a gorgeous rendition with “The Voice of Ireland” singing his heart out to a sparse audience up in Nottingham just a week ago!

    I mean “Tommy Fleming” of course & he is re-inventing the wheel by touring the UK, where he is not well known.

    Thanks for putting the Lyrics to “Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears” for us to savour, as Tommy doesn’t put lyrics on his CDs & until I read all the words, I didn’t fully appreciate the Beauty & Sadness of this song.

  • MarliesBoel:

    Wish i was irish, my Home away from Home 🙂

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