A quick,personal tour of Orkney during a 3 week architectural grad program in 2005 … an amazing and wonderful place …wonderful folks….great music!

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  • snosgem:

    If you like these you might also like Beating Harps by Sileas and, a bit different but I like a lot, is an album called Mouth Music by Swan and Mackenzie.

    Currently listening to Brave Hearts: New Scots Music – my middle daughter is a Scottish Highland Dancer and uses their first track for a choreography dance…

  • snosgem:

    Ok…had to go back to figure it out!

    Some of the music is from an album called Heart of the Gaels – it’s available through Amazon.com. I believe I used tracks 10 and 16.

    The first track is from Mary Kahmann’s album Sanctuary, track 7 Chanter.

  • artismana:

    I love the music you have choosen for the Video! Whats the names of the Tunes?

  • greekbaybbee:

    whats this music i like it…

  • bernard240vdc:

    i visited some of these islands back in 1989 when i first travelled away from north america to visit the U.K where my mom was born i also visited france belgium and holland on this same trip, i will never forget these islands

  • willgeek:

    magical, thanks for posting!

  • davehardinguk:

    Excellent video – Thanks

  • doctorwhoobawooba:

    been to all those

  • Alastair6:

    Nice photos, thanks for putting them up.

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