Get this Song here: or on iTunes: Get real CD’s here: Facebook / Twitter / Merchandise: This Song is an Encomium to Odin and Northern Mythology in general. Skilfingr is one of many Names of Odin and means “He who lives on a Rock”. Selfcomposed as always / Produced with Magix Music Maker Pro 16. © Copyright of all Audio belongs to AdrianvonZiegler. Links to similar Songs: Cliffs of Moher: Wild Flower: Hringhorni: Moorchild: Black Sam: Gaelic Earth: Where I Belong: Welcome to Trollstad: Sons of the Allfather: A Celtic Lore: A Celtic Tale: Rune Magic: Gleipnir: The Sylvans Path: DESCLAIMER: This Picture has been edited by myself, I do not own the original Painting.

24 Responses to “Pagan Dark Music – Skilfingr”

  • OnkelTomAngelripper1:

    anyway amazing music

  • OnkelTomAngelripper1:

    They do it only because Google is greedy and it “helps keep youtube free” no basically the Ads just bring in money for google with or without copy right consent they are just greedy, this why people use Adblock plus, it sucks i know , i do believe you can disable them on your profile.

  • AdrianvonZiegler:

    I am pretty sure that there is a way to shut down the ads without me having to close the cdbaby store, I will definitely fight for it. =) The point that really made me angry is that I declined YouTube’s partnership offer THREE times because of that exact reason, to never force stupid ads on the viewers, and now they put them on my videos without even my authorization.

  • Talagan:

    And I think that those adverts are from youtube, because i’m in spain and the adverts are in spanish. That’s a good reason to buy CDs or songs!

  • Talagan:

    Thanks for your dedication and your integrity with music! However, if this is a requirement for being able to share your music and sell it, we can just skip the adverts! Will your albums still be avaliable at cdbaby?

  • AdrianvonZiegler:

    I found out the reason: I published my music on cdbaby and they received licensing rights through that contract. I requested cancellation now because it is absolutely against all of my morals to put ads on my music videos. People should be able to enjoy the music without going through a stupid commercial first. I hope they will resolve that problem VERY fast, it seriously makes me angry that they did that.

  • Talagan:

    General YouTube adverts that appears between the videos sometimes (all kind of **** adverts). There are not many, but when I feel a nice atmosphere from one of your music, and sudenly I hear the advert, it breaks the magic of your music.

    What I wanted to say is that your music is very immersive and beautyfull, and adverts spoil that. But I know you can’t do anything about Adverts. And, if you get some money for that, it is even a good thing. 🙂

  • AdrianvonZiegler:

    What adverts? Oo…

  • Talagan:

    There is one thing that i hate in your playlists:

    The adverts between the videos 🙂

  • Sonicspartan118:

    you will be making more songs like this? 🙂

  • DaedricLord666:

    The backround looks very close to Windir’s 1184 album. Great job btw.

  • KndyShadowMoon:

    My heart is singing along with this music as I listen. <3

  • WolfPack3999:

    Barbarians from the movie Gladiator in the beginning… that was an awesome touch, really set the mood XD

  • Naafalilargus:

    Probably somewhere in the old, misty valleys and mountains of northern norway. 

  • Asmodeussssss:

    This song always makes me think of the Morrigan flying over a battle and feasting on the flesh of the dead.

  • YinYan7:

    Out of curiosity, where is that stone?

  • XxModernDayRaiderxX:

    Irish cream, cookies and adrian. the best night by myself!

  • XxModernDayRaiderxX:

    the music of men

  • EefjeTheBookwurm:

    haha ok. I have make a playlist from Adrian with already 172 video’s so that’s why I was wondering how much you can put in one playlist^^

  • ANewlyConciousWorld:

    I think 25 videos. But I proved that wrong. So probably not.

  • FangzLette114:

    Does anyone talk about music on youtube anymore? Lol

  • EefjeTheBookwurm:

    I didn’t know!
    How much can you put in a playlist then?

  • ANewlyConciousWorld:

    And there is a limit for playlists too. *sigh* 😛

  • EefjeTheBookwurm:

    then you put it in a playlist xD
    and ofcourse you click on like:D

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