Several years back SMTV visited Richard Paterson in his Whyte & Mackay hideaway in Glasgow. In part 1 of this 2 part segment we start to get a glimpse inside…

25 Responses to “Pt 1 of 2 – How to Taste Whisky with Richard Paterson”

  • ajrestivo:

    i wonder if he cleans the floors…

  • Nick Cheah:

    tbh he probably has gallons upon gallons of the stuff so throwing it on the floor is no biggie to him…. i have one or two bottles at a time

  • camoflux:

    Congratulations, I now hate Scottish people.

  • dankity92:

    who the **** pours a shot and throws it on the floor well this guy does that is just fucking stupid

  • Pradhyumna Gupta:

    the janitor(pissed with cleaning all the spilled whisky) corners him in the parking lot, says “hello”, “how are you”

  • Prostheta:

    Interesting accent, especially how Richard pronounces “water” with more of a d. I am very much of the opinion that much of his flamboyance is down to selling himself specifically as an ambassador for Whyte & Mackay. The whisky and spirits he throws around mentally invests you in what he is saying and most importantly what he is selling. In my opinion of course. Otherwise he’s a fool throwing expensive stuff around on the W&M ticket.

  • Zac Galloway:

    goes well with coke and ice.

  • Alejandro Medina:

    This guys floor must be highly flammable.

  • Lewislpalm:

    I can’t tell if his lack of dexterity is for comedic effect, to display his wealth by spilling scotch and hurling ice chunks into it or if he’s just absolutely sloshed.

  • ThaDopist:

    why do i want to punch this guy in the face?

  • Tijo Jose:

    This guy is such a fruit. Sniffing your liquor like a dog doesn’t make you look sophisticated and there’s no tastable difference between blended and single malt whiskey. Folks, buy some Blue Label and drink it like a normal person.

  • coplepk04:

    It’s 12, not 25. The amount he’s talking about costs less than a dollar.

    Oh, and he’s not actually serious.

  • soslothful:

    Och! He takes takes his whiskey seriously!

  • jano1cd:

    He’s no Ralfy.

  • MrMacDarra:

    you must be retarded

  • Ben Kelly:

    Never heard of or seen Whyte & Mackay. Is it well known in Scotland?

  • QuixotonicOfficial:

    Just drink the whiskey, get buzzed, and have a good time. That’s the reason humans started making alcohol in the first place. Stop hailing ethanol as if drinking it gives you ANY sort of class. It really doesn’t. That’s the truth. It gets you drunk you know? It makes you hammered. NOTHING FANCY OR SOPHISTICATED ABOUT BEING TOTALLY SLOSHED!

  • BlahBlahBlah:

    This guys is such a douchebag phoney.

    If he were selling me all this bullshit I would of just smashed the entire bottle of whiskey in front of him just to see his reaction.

    Fucking used car salesman.

  • baadflgoat06:


  • seaforthpiper:

    Bluidy wonderful – now I pick up the ‘baby-sick’ accent every time I nose the glass….

  • Gustavo Vieira:

    I would love to see Richard at a bar. He asks for a whisky, the bartender serves him a glass and he throws is on the floor. Then he asks for another one, this time to drink.

  • BronzeRivet:

    Throwing it on the floor? What a waste.


    Just givr her shots and bareback that milf.

  • Wayfarer8:

    Also You must download the video – “How to taste whisky without Richard Paterson”))

  • ChaShiAnthony:

    Looks like I’m a born taster. No one thought me that, but whether tasting whisky, espresso or tea, I find it very useful to inhale-exhale before sampling it. =D

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