Get this Song here: or on iTunes: Get real CD’s here: Facebook / Twitter / Merchandise: I wanted to compose a Song for my Girlfriend that can make her feel relaxed and comfortable, something you can just keep playing in the Background whatever you’re doing. What came out is maybe the longest Piece of Music I ever made. It is NOT a virtuosic Song, it’s meant as Background Music. As always, 100% selfcomposed on Keyboard. Production made with Magix Music Maker Pro 16. The Picture is from which offers free Wallpapers. © Copyright of all Audio belongs to Adrian von Ziegler.

24 Responses to “Relaxing Celtic Music – Morning Dew”

  • 97MartyB:


  • sasuke10fan:

    oh wow just what i need thank you im writing a book and need the write music to relax me in to a writing mood and this is so doing that….

  • weroleoify:

    Adrian has no rival in the making of music, he is the best with ambiental music, celt, gothic, pagan and all that he makes. Thank you for sharing with us your gift :’ )

  • Rosehatter1:

    No problem lad.

  • EefjeTheBookwurm:

    and dream of beautiful dreams^^

  • EefjeTheBookwurm:

    I must do homework, but your music make me want to sleep^^

  • maickon56:

    Ok, Thanks. I was in doubt..

  • eiderez:

    maybe cause adrian’s music can really make you travel through time to eons long forgoten .

  • Stephanie Stoige:

    Diese Musik ist unglaublich, so intensiv. Ich benutze diese Celtic songs für meine Rituale und Sabbate. Wenn ich deine songs höre, fühle ich mich meinen Hexenschwestern und Brüdern nahe! Vielen Dank dafür und Blessed be Hexe Oxalia

  • Rosehatter1:

    It means someone who is either born or has relatives that were born in Ierland

  • Rosehatter1:

    brazilian?? cool. And for the record….I love south american tunes. They are very interesting. 🙂

  • maickon56:

    it happens to me too.. if How I was in a different season or atmosphere

  • maickon56:

    I’m brazilian and I’m according to you.. Brazilian song if it isn’t christian doesn’t have any sense..

  • maickon56:

    I’m sorry.. Irish is that person who lives in Ireland? Just doubt.. if it’s not.. What does irish mean? Please answer me..

  • maickon56:

    Adrian, you’re really a genious.. It’s amazing, you know how to make a Brilliant song.. you are a genious. Brazil is lking this VIDEO.

  • Ladylicios:


  • PaxDisturbia:

    earthly and unearthly all at once – love it

  • horsegoesdenee123456:

    Reminds me of running through a field of wild flowers, spicy smells wafting through my nose, a light breeze blowing my hair, as I spin around, and around… WEE!!! XD

  • john silva:

    Mr. adrianvon Ziegler would you please email me endersgame2012 gmail

  • TTheRealTTruth:

    Wow, what a find…absolutely breathtaking

  • slickwick45:

    Now that’s a peaceful mental image right there.

  • Rosehatter1:

    We irish have some of the most beautiful music!! This tune just speaks to the soul.

  • Jason Aaron:

    Sorry lad you must have compassion. That is the key to the Irish!

  • Angie Lullaby-chan:

    It makes me think about a sacred ceremony in the middle of the forest… Sacred stones, incense, offerings, religious dances and sings, and a purification under a fall, birds singing and sunrays dancing, white dresses with golden patterns and flowers in the hair of an angelic woman.. Purity, tenderness, prayers for the earth, respectful brothers of animals and sadness for our dear nature, our wonderful home, the will to protect every little ladybird and love every leaf, embraced by the wind..

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