For more info – Rick Wakemans The Six Wives Of Henry VIII is one of the landmark albums of the seventies…

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  • green3825:

    You have no idea what you’re talking about. Wakeman has the best equipment
    you could even imagine.

  • Ilse Maria Kozik:


  • hernyocska:

    Ő a kedvenc billentyűsöm ! ( -hungarian language ) Means: He is my
    favourite keyboard player ! Kicsit öregebb, de örökre a legszebb billentyűs
    zenét játssza -nekem ! He’s been older, but he plays ME always the best
    keyboard music – forever !

  • ChrisBoylan:

    @ShareTheSphere Yes, I see you found it. Interestingly enough, Rick was
    supposed to get paid 10 English pounds as well as credit for his work on
    the album. He got neither. Only recently (actually 8 years ago, but by
    comparison…), did Rick finally get credit for his work on the song when
    the album was digitally remastered and re-released. But I’m pretty sure he
    never got his 10 pounds.

  • purplehazelcc:

    I forgot to say they seem talented at what their doing but I still don’t
    like the song. sorry

  • Vincent S:

    To those bashers, detractors, and generally negative mentally and musically
    impoverished people – what you’re witnessing here are masterpieces
    performed in an optimum setting by the composer himself. This is akin to a
    19th century audience having the chance to enjoy a live performance of
    Beethoven with an orchestra. Like Beethoven, RW’s offering here won’t be
    properly appreciated until long after he’s gone. Good for those realize
    what a gift this is. Pity for those who do not.

  • Ecureuilmateur:

    Tiens Phillipe Katerine s’est mis au piano ?

  • ChrisBoylan:

    Rick is certainly a character. Jordan is awesome, and he’s here to stay.
    But Rick has a style that no other has, and no other will EVER have. There
    are players, and there are composers. Seldom does anyone come around that
    is exceptional at both. Rick composes music that only Rick can play. He
    truly is one of a kind.

  • Kamenos4ever:

    lol he is king with this clothes

  • Jose Gabriel:

    wakeman is awesome 😀

  • Los2hero:

    Well, wouldn’t want to bash Wakeman, but I’ve seen this one before. Done

  • BigCatLenny:

    Rick Wakeman will ALWAYS be the “wizard” for me. I literally did years of
    studying his composigi

  • Bytorand1:

    shame his piano tone is so cheesy

  • Scott Babb:

    @xploadliveproduction It’s Adam Wakeman, Rick’s son.

  • richspanky72:

    I love the way Rick dresses. It is so understated. 🙂

  • georgeman21222:

    @michbay2072 wow

  • Richard Roblin:

    Nice comments guys and ladys, but stop the crude words and volger
    undertones. Yes Rick Wakeman is a classic Rock and Classical music pianist

  • Cliff Nichols:

    Amazing talent, the best you will ever see in your life time and for
    generations to come. No need to compare his talent to any one else. There
    is no one that can compare. Rick is in a class of his own. Cliff

  • fretbuzz59:

    @Vince1961 One could suggest that anyone who would compare this to
    Beethoven (or any of the classical masters) is mentally & musically
    impoverished. Jeez, I had this record in the mid-70s, as a teen, when I was
    into classical-prog-rock and recognized that this was kind of weak. Wakeman
    did some good stuff with Yes, but this is the precursor to John Tesh.

  • Zuperhamster:

    Emerson Lake & Palmer meets Liberace :-)) Quite entertaining to hear, but
    visually, it is somewhat over the top, a bit too much Cirque du Soleil and
    Las Vegas… Throw off all that pompous smoke screen, and enjoy the music !

  • Bogdan Szymkowiak:


  • saarnoldbhm:

    Wow! Wish I could have been there. Pure heaven!

  • Ethan Seedenbetter:

    Rick Wakeman is the true king of England if this American had his way.

  • Gilmourisgreat:

    love his set! looks like super mario world mushroom kingdom or something!
    Wakemen forever!

  • Rui Calado:

    the drumer is the great tony fernandez ,he´s with Rick for so many
    years,and Ray in the percussion what a line up.

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