Świetna walka na rapier dzwonowy i pałasz szkodzki w Rob Roy’u. Great fight with Scottish basket-hilted backsword and cup-hilt rapier at the end of “Rob Roy”. Robert Roy MacGregor vs. Archibald Cunningham.

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  • elbowbiter1:


  • MrChicken1138:

    5:41 – 5:51 – This shows the very essence of Scotland.

  • crymsonwraith:

    Are you familiar with the way the Scottish fought? It’s a part of their system to use ‘tricks’ to catch an opponent off guard and kill them, they were risky but could allow them to win the fight even if they were at a great disadvantage assuming their opponent hadn’t seen it before.

  • persnikity12345:

    K, sword technicalities aside: this may be one of the first times I’ve seen Liam Neeson play a character that is vulnerable and even fearful. It’s a bit jarring…

  • Protherium:

    Now I did watched it carefully – Archibald is wielding a Walloon sword and Rob is swinging a Basket-hilt scottish broadsword. Wallon swords were direct descendants of Renaissance side-swords which evolved from medieval arming swords – walloons were still used up to 18th century. Basket-hilted swords also descended from Renaissance cut-n-thrust broad bladed swords but they took a different path of evolution.

  • Dailykushtoker:

    An amazing duel until the end where the clearly superior swordsman gets cut by the biggest and unpractical cheap shot observer seen.and if this was really how history transpired,then what a humiliating way to die me

  • AdognamedOp:

    Respond to this video:

  • Widmerpool99:

    And apparently Liam Neeson has an immense weapon in real life as well.

  • CarlosPringle:

    love this scene lol

  • kwatsoncolvin:

    You really cant make any of those assumptions based on this video. Neither of them are actually using proper technique. In the real world neither weapon is superior. It is a matter of skill.

  • madaxe606:

    While this is of course a fully choreographed fight, this scene really showcases the near-total superiority of the rapier vs. a cut and thrust blade – at least in a personal duel when armor is not a factor. Even though Liam Neeson is the much bigger and stronger man he cannot deal with the reach advantage offered by the rapier. And Tim Roth’s blade is really more of a smallsword than a true 39″-ish rapier – which would have made this look even more one-sided.

  • ShamusMacGuffin:

    A dandy who was a superior swordsman and a total sociopath. Robert had guts to stand up to him in the first place. Definitely a warrior and a man of honor, but to simply call Archie a dandy is a bit limited, don’t you think?

  • MegaCastigers:

    archibald top villain and rob top heroe awesome duel one of the best

  • natesdevices:

    a schiovana and a rapier, what an odd combination of swords.

  • fullstrutn:

    OR a weed whip versus a chainsaw

  • willevanswhite123:

    That guy had it coming haha

  • Killer0fTheSun:

    Legendary duel…

  • batterbar:

    clove asunder

  • batterbar:

    a warrior verse a dandy

  • KingArthursKnight1:

    5:58.Blood gushed out of the guys mouth.

  • snaforfun2:

    nice …

    the Japanese have the Kendo … they kept their tradition alive …

    is there any other sword fighting schools around ? or just they try to emulate ?

  • RedRicky590:

    Thats the best example here, they dont use real steel for practice, it dulls the blade. Those wood swords will either be lighter, or equal to the weight of their steel counterparts.

  • snaforfun2:

    😀 thanks..

    I saw them … but they lack the umm .. reality , coz the heavy long sword would make them slower? they are using wooden swords not real swords.

  • RedRicky590:

    Try this actually “Bokken vs. Longsword” on the Youtube search bar, it should give you a pretty good idea on the different styles.

  • snaforfun2:

    I wonder who would win a duel …. I guess the Japs… they are faster.

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