The greatest Irish song sung by the incomparable Caitlín Maude (1941-1982) with lyrics.

25 Responses to ““Róisín Dubh” – Caitlín Maude”

  • onitram1:

    Wrong. I’m not a Gael, don’t even know what she’s singing, but I appreciate beautiful music in any language.

  • solsticecelt1:

    Understand I MEAN!

  • solsticecelt1:

    Ah you criticise what you don’t underatand!!! Away back into your cave!!!

  • solsticecelt1:

    If you’re not a gael then you won’t appreciate it like us!

  • MrGoonersean:

    @fknhateutube Is breá an Ghaeilge chun dul amach troll

  • stgensabu:

    **** off you troll, why search for a gaelic song if you dont want to listen to it

  • Dylan41292:

    Can i just say aswell that depending on the region its being sung in depends on the amount of ornamentation (Wailing). So maybe if you heard it sung in a different region you may like it. But i would certainly say to have a listen to Seán Ó Riada’s version which he wrote for an irish film in ’59 called “Mise Éire”

  • GrainneMhaol:

    It’s from her album ‘Caitlín’, if you google it, you should be able to order it from a few places.

  • craigshort123:

    Did you get this off of an album? Amazing song

  • saoirse164:

    Just one word: Beautiful

  • gothicgrowler:

    Thumbed up for BEAUTIFUL CELTIC SPEAK!

  • IFknHateUTube:

    thumbed down for celtic **** speak

  • Cathain78:

    Gan dabht, a chailín!

  • piobairesicago:

    Stunning. I am smitten and tearful and homesick all at once. Thanks to GrainneMhaol for sharing this lovely woman’s amazing rendition of this great song. It is art of transcendent quality and luminosity.

  • Liam Fionescu:

    Ireland: birthplace of Jazz???

  • EverythingZen14:

    I think I understand you. I’m glad, for you, that you did not dismiss sean-nos after hearing it once. I can see that, now, you enjoy it.

  • GrainneMhaol:

    The more I learned about sean-nós singing, the more I grew to love it. Not all of it sounds as sweet as this - some of it is nasal and ‘rough’ sounding, but as I learned the songs and the rules of sean-nós, I began to understand it more and gained a greater love for it. That is why I think it is wrong to dismiss it because of the so-called ‘wailing’.

  • EverythingZen14:

    I didnt have to learn anything about the style to appreciate it. It’s like byzantine chant: you either love it or hate it, I think. To me, it is one of the most beautiful singing styles that exist; alongside Byzantine chant, Georgian chant, and 2-part Znamenny chant.

  • LaFeuInferne:

    Brill! It’s so hard to find decent sean-nos singing on the internet - this really is a gem.

  • sean9234:

    Jesus, I really wish I could learn Gaelige, but every time I try I never can get the hang of it.

  • MrJwragg:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • Thuglordrpt:

    this tradition isent veru much changed thats why it seems ”ugly” to you, eastern europe is a mixed pot of many peoples and traditions because many enthnic groups with cultutral differences settled there so this pure music may sound strange and removed from the norm of eastern europeans.

  • flanncada:

    Now must we set aside and dry our tears
    and comfort us for all is gone –
    All comely quality all gentleness and hospitality is gone
    Our music vanished and our skill to sing is gone
    Nothing is whole that could be broke – since you decided that
    Sean Nos singing (of which this is a superb example) is mere ‘wailing’.
    Surely the fact that so many us appreciate it should inhibit you – just a little?

  • caolan98:

    love it

  • caolan98:

    I learned this song going to school 1959!! loved it then and I love it now .Caitlin sings it with such passion

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