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  • MRsmallpeek:

    best part was the happy ending hahha not

  • guigemar18:

    anyone else wondering why juliet was peeping-tomming it through a fish tank at the men’s bathroom??
    lol great video! love enya ^_^

  • 911wasasuckerpunch:

    @yellowpowerranger94 fat *****

  • yellowpowerranger94:

    @CallMeMaybe haha, no. i don’t think it will ever happen.

  • CallMeMaybe:

    @yellowpowerranger94 did it happen yet? it’s been 3 years so… 😀

  • Andreziinhull:

    Talvez esse é um dos romances mais antigos, pode passar 100 anos, talvez 200…
    sempre haverá comentarios… pois não é apenas um video e sim parte de uma historia que nunca vai ter fim… always André…

    obra de William Shakespeare (entre 1591 e 1595)

  • bellakivonne:

    El video es preciososo
    La voz de Enya es bellísima



  • libertadmental3210:

    I know deep in my heart that this world isnt what is supossed to be. Thats what I think, and specially, when I first saw this video. Thanks!

  • decofenix:

    Hermosa melodia.

  • jawadstunt:

    ♫♥♫ (d(♥_♥)b) ♫♥♫♥♫

  • mikeymg1mike:

    Love this song and video. Reminds me of my 5 month daughter who passed away seven months ago:( R.I.P. Sophia

  • boymettsgirl2007:

    THis is amazing! Enya rules!

  • LaraForums:

    hey! It’s the dude from titanic! =D NEVER LET GO, JACK!!! =P

  • Freedom7557:

    This was wonderful

  • MAFjournal:

    GREAT post my friend! =)

  • cullensexxy:

    @jjeessssiiccaaxx they both were

  • cullensexxy:

    @6fallensix he was so beautiful back then

  • jjeessssiiccaaxx:

    she was ssooooooooooooooo pretty when she was younger

  • 21suntanlotion:

    omg leo is gorgeous in this movie especially at 44 and 1:20!

  • BrightGreenDream:

    Fantastical music)

  • 1q2w3e4r911:

    Furthermore, this story serves as a reminder to all not to let or own desires interfere with what is right.

  • 1q2w3e4r911:

    homicidalPEACH, I agree The PhoenixAscendent. Their romance was short due to their dharma. Dharma is the hindu realization of ones place/obligation in society. Their romance was forbidden, yet love conquered in the end. What they had was a physical attraction, plus a mental, and spiritual connection. We should not be afraid of physical attraction, it is a natural part of being a human. Lust can only occur if we use physical attraction for our own selfish desires.

  • ThePhoenixAscendant:

    I loved how they did this. I’ve seen the more traditional plays which featured this story and they were always disconnected because of the traditional period garb however the way they brought the past and present together in this version was absolutely amazing. Even with the archaic speech and over-the-top antics of some of the characters, it was still a very well done piece.

    @ homicidalPEACH: Yes, I know you only saw the lust because of their short-lived romance but that is part of the pain.


    romeo and juliet the best movuie i d ever have seen 5 stars

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