From Emmannuel Rossfelder’s Concert, beautiful melody. Don’t miss it.

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  • bilstew:

    Lovely playing of a lovely Air .I wonder does Emmanuel play the IRISH song called Macushla as was often sung by the famous Irish Tenor John Mac Cormack.What a lovely melody was that song.

  • aimeegibsonfans:

    anyone who needs cheering up, i have a scottish version of taylor swift – love story on my page !

  • Mrcorsari:

    Thanks Jthaw! I’ll search it and I’ll sent to the queue. I have 2 CDs from Gerald Garcia

  • Jeffrey Thaw:

    Yes, I have the David Russell arranged sheet music to this and to some of the other pieces from his “Message of the Sea” cd. They’re all fairly doable. There’s another nice piece from that cd called “My Gentle Harp” that’s arranged by Gerald Garcia. You can buy the sheet music directly from him. If you haven’t already, check out Russell’s performance of that piece here on Youtube. It’s a live performance and the sound quality is awful. However, you can still appreciate the work.

  • Mrcorsari:

    This is almost David Russell’s arrangement, maybe few notes have been added or changed. In my channel I play it (worse of course..) and I include the reference to where to buy the sheets. It is not expensive and includes several other arrangements from that album, I recommend it.

  • Jeffrey Thaw:

    @thepatchhacker Is this the David Russell arrangement? If so, I have that as it was part of a set from his “Message from the Sea” cd. However, if this arrangement is indeed different – I haven’t checked – then I would certainly be interested in the sheet music.

  • LSpencer777:

    Rossfelder’s playing here and in his other videos I’ve watched is riveting.

  • mspclassicalguitar:

    very nicely played… David Russell’s arrangement -“Message of the Sea” album 

  • Graeme Berke:

    so funny.

  • Tarık Oral:

    Nice music nice interpretation….Great guitarist and Great Dieter Hopf guitar….What a nice sound of the guitar????

  • tonybeeching1:

    the best ive heard yet, where can l get the sheet music version?

  • Kagome4444:

    Is There Sheet Music For This Version Of The Song Floating Around?

  • MarkMillionaireGuru:


    I was just watching your video and I wanted to say that Rossfelder plays Bonnie Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond is a really good video

    I love loch lomond myself it is a great place I was in Luss last sunday and recorded an amazing video that you can see on my channel I would love all feedback as well please

    Once again this is a great video

  • kashy43:

    very nice.. feeling proud to be a scot right now

  • keithbartlettmusic:

    – very nice set of variations, series of harmonic implications, and so on…. and very well played … nice touch…
    – Note: stage backdrop is of an empty castle … does this suggest that the culture is dead, of archaival interest?

  • M44ltie:

    Trés bien!

  • oflahertie2:

    Bravo maestro!
    My heart’s in the Highlands, my heart is not here,
    My heart’s in the Highlands a-chasing the deer
    A-chasing the wild deer, and following the roe;
    My heart’s in the Highlands, wherever I go.
    (R Burns.) Does anyone know where I might obtain this transcription?

  • skelper99:

    That was great! … As a guitarist, I must bow down do this performance.

  • stradavarius:


  • humanexcrement123:

    i’m exactly 50% scottish and damn well proud of it! 😀

  • Michael James:

    Fantastic job! Best instrumental version I’ve ever heard. I’m only 1/8 Scottish always felt close to this Country.

  • Odette Rodriguez:

    Very beautiful tune played with the feeling !

    I like very much !

  • MguitarL:

    We sang this as children, half a century ago,
    and the memories brought tears…This is the
    most beautiful instrumental performance I’ve ever heard of the song – Thank you for
    posting it!

  • lumps90:

    Very cool

  • nmclay:

    My Mom and I used to sing this song while she played piano when I was just a boy in England and Wales. She has since passed. This song brought me right back there again. Thank you so much.

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