Runrig – The Cutter. From the Barrowlands in Glasgow.

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  • corkie1005:

    when I think of it we all went crazy rofl xxx

  • Kim Houston:

    Blah, Blah, Donnie when will this end? Runrig is the sound, the feeling, the emotion not the lead singer!!! I have a collection of both. Runrig is now not the past but now Runrig in the future. So remember all things must change and so has Runrig let us change with them so we have a Runrig in our future. No more Donnie blah..blah..blah…we are are now Runrigs future not the past….because we can’t change that but we can all be apart of the Runrig future!!

  • Mr55263:

    Donnie is Runrig!

  • Ukdutypaid00:


  • Fragtastic1971:

    best ever band, was at this concert, fantastic lyrics, will be a fan until the day I die.

    Dancing aroond in a big mad circle with a few oh the guys from the Park Bar, oh happy days..

  • BKU2STLCardinal:

    I like Bruce too, but I definitely agree it’s hard to beat Runrig with Donnie! 

  • MrStickyaudiobuff:

    So good to see the “real” Runrig with Donny!

  • 07717613610:

    Lov Rory.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • maurice96h:

    How know anything about Johnny Morrison? Please, please, please write me!! (:

    I didn’t find anything about him.. and I’m from Germany and I don’t understand all what Rory said..

    Great Song! (: ♥ Runrig

  • usrunrigfan:

    RIP? Dude, he’s not dead!

  • countryfanmyra:

     too true!

  • CvOzHybrid:

    4 People Were English !!

  • TheGd1314:

    NEWSNET SCOTLAND for the truth

  • 1950BobbyF:

    I’ve been a fan of Runrig 4ever. This song always stirred my heart & it still does. The Macdonald brothers are some of the greatest songwriters anywhere!

  • MagicJickJack:

    Takes me right back to numerous concerts! Fantastic Band! RIP Donnie.

  • TheGd1314:

    We need your help!

    Are you interested in Scottish culture and the future of our country?


    Can I please then ask you to visit “NEWSNET SCOTLAND”?

    Then tell 5 others to tell 5 others about the site!

  • Baslimpa:

    One of the world´s best songs, one of the world´s best bands, one of the wold´s best performances. 

  • SidStrathclyde:

    runrig were my big game and strathclyde police pipe band to get back in to the big bagpipe scene i,am from ni ireland and i play with the great strathclyde police pipe band world champions 12 times i miss donny munro in runrig its not the same with out him,but he drove me on to were i am now so did my good lady susan,,, witch i love to bits so donny take care from sid northern ireland and pipe major don bradford and pipe sarge duncan nicolson!!!!!!!!!!xxoo

  • bashirD:


  • mysticlady121:

    i love the scottish aczent :)

  • hornybug123:

    my mam was gaelic,as were my grandparents,and all her family,,i was taught to speak it when i was a wee lass,,sadly i am no longer living in the highlands,,but i try to get up at least twice a year,,my heart belongs here,,was born here and shall be buried here!!!

  • djangiebaby:

    I might be related to the Macdonald Brothers :):)

  • myfriendbob100:

    listening to runrig songs on cds is good but you realy need to go see them live thay are majic.

  • BroodofLoki:

    wotta band

  • StewyB68:

    Absolutely the best. Was at this concert and this video still tugs the heartstrings.

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