This is the song ‘Scarborough Fair’. It’s sung by Hayley Westenra from Celtic Woman. Enjoy the video!!

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  • xxJenoiaxx:

    Her voice is amazingly beautiful. I could listen to her all day. Especially this song. And I’m only 14.

  • joysammy10:

    I love this song,I can play it my piano!

  • rvgmuhs07:

    That’s not layman’s terms, that’s just modern terms. We are a much more angry and impulsive people now, and we miss the depth of true emotion and the real meaning of words like this. They both still love each other but know that they can’t be together because it won’t work. The song is a desperate attempt to hope that there is still a chance by giving each other a way to be together, yet both, in their own pragmatic ways, make it realistically impossible. It’s very tragic.

  • TheRealSaymau:

    It started raining outside when I first started playing the song… the second she said the last word, it thundered. IT WAS SO EPIC.

  • MisterJohnapillar:

    The entire song is a duet between two quarreling ex-lovers who’ll take each other back only if they do some impossible tasks.
    In layman’s terms: “This ***** sucks, she gotta do sumthin big to get me back” “***** please, liek your any better, gimme **** and maybe we talk”

  • Saartje05:

    Sigh…it´s not. Not every song is about a god or a jesus.

  • MelodyStark:

    My mum told me it was about Jesus…*shrugs*

  • Mary22hottie:

    i did this as a chior song i feel in love with it when i first heard it

  • MrShenhai:

    Isn’t Hayley from New Zealand?

  • BonezTheTerribleRoar:

    One of the most beautiful songs to one of the most beautiful singers from Ireland. I can’t believe they came to buffalo this year. 😀

  • AnimeIsMyLife666Q:

    This is actually a song about a guy who’s ex girlfriend has the plague. He was forced to break up with her because he was told she would die and he shouldn’t hold feelings for her.

  • Yasmin Haque:

    It’s basically a man singing about his ex girlfriend, saying that he’ll take her back if she performs certain tasks for him. However, these tasks are all impossible. This is supposed to metaphorically suggest that there’s no way that he’ll take her back, it’s ‘impossible’. Just like the phrase “when pigs fly.”
    Have fun humming, it’s beautiful right? Much love, YH <3

  • ThimblesAndKisses1:

    Wait what Scarborough fair is this song sung about?
    I kinda hoping its where I live so I can hum this when i go to the fair in few months time 🙂

  • laura gonzalez:

    She is an angel!!

  • AliceFallenFox:


  • CurlyErinKitty:


  • pilotmoyafan:

    Merlin, this is beautiful.. makes me think of the Founders Four. Just because I’m a nerd, but this is the most beautiful song I have ever heard.

  • ThimblesAndKisses1:

    I love the instrumental in the middle it’s like a beautiful dream ^.^

  • equispeque:

    I love this song. Itís great

  • xXBVB99Xx:

    i play this on piano. i sound like crap compared to her.

  • UnconventionalAqua:

    So beautiful.

  • BumbleBeeKagamine:

    There is a line that bothers me “Tell her to make me a cambric shirt/ Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme/ without no seam or needlework” Without no seam? Would it be without a seam? without no seam means he want a seam/needlework on his shirt. I think that’s not impossible to do….or am i wrong? Someone plz explain this to me!

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