A meeting to discuss independence was held in Glasgow on 13th Sept 2012 Partial transcript below: “Will we be better off after independence, economically, socially, politically, culturally? That’s what it comes down to. People will make up their minds essentially on that. The country will have more money. Scotland’s democratic political left of centre egalitarian, in a spirit of supporting peace, percolate to the top and this can be a country that would be so much better. That’s a process still in its embryonic stage cos people are grappling with this just now. People say to me, whether it’s the other mums and dads at school or the football team and they say see this independence “where do you stand?” My answer is I’m for it because I think we’ll be better off. Scottish working class people will be better off. In my political life I’ve always learned and cherished a short question merits a short answer. Don’t give people a 3 hour history lecture about the Declaration of Arbroath or references to Braveheart or William Wallace, Answer the question concisely and accurately. Working class people will be better off but there’s 2 sides to it: it stands to reason for me as a logician as somebody who’s involved in politics, I engage my intellect I’ve got: it stands to reason that if all the wealth generated in Scotland, the oil wealth, the income tax that we pay, VAT, the duty on petrol, whisky, all the taxes revenues levies and wealth that we create in this country stays here

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