ok, a selkie in case you didn’t know is either a man or a woman who can shape shift from human to seal by taking on(turn to seal) or taking off (turn to human) some sort of skin… there are lots of story’s of slkies that com to shore adn th men are described as really Beautiful and romantic, and they in particular seduce women who thy can feel are unhappy with their love life, and women do this too but the other way round i think(i didn’t look too much into that)… the thing is that apparently once they spend time with you they then have to return to th sea for seven years until they can see you again.. it is said that any woman who wishes to se (in some reports it says have a child) with a selkie has to shed seven tears into the sea, now i think this is fairly well.. easy? i mean with most legends its like “you have to risk death blah blah” i wonder if anybody has tried this before? oh yeah it is also said in th legend that children who are born with a caul over its head they will posses the magic to be a selkie… i researched what a caul is and it came up with its like some kind of fragment of amionic sack which only like one in 1,000 children are born with and even on the doctors site it mentions legends of children having a “gift with the sea”

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  • cardimom:

    yes, I saw Ondine, good movie, you have some particulars mixed up.
    being born with a caul has nothing to do with being a Selkie.
    and lots of kids are born with a a caul-it’s supposed to indicate a child with second sight.
    and Selkie men are Merrows, the steal land women and are jealous of their Selkie women.
    They take land women to live under the sea and the Selkie woman can stay on land 7 years if they
    don’t put on their “seal coat” or “caul”(Not the same as a birth caul, in this case it means cover or hood). if you really want to know about the Selkie Legends
    Look up Legends of the Orkneys-Origins of the Selkie.

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