“Shame On You” is the 1st single taken from the debut solo album of The Corrs’ Andrea Corr entitled “Ten Feet High.” “Shame On You,” is a deceptively pretty song full of fluttery musical notes, its very lightness masking a much heavier message. “It’s about conscription and war,” she explains, “a protest song through the prism of love, and how these men who go off to war are leaving behind wives they will never marry and children they will never have.” “Ten Feet High” is produced by Nellee Hooper whose credits include U2, Gwen Stefani, Madonna & Björk and is executive produced by U2’s Bono. The album is due for release on June 25, 2007 with the lead single, “Shame On You,” to be released on June 18, 2007. www.myspace.com

25 Responses to “Shame On You – Andrea Corr’s 1st single off “Ten Feet High””

  • fraglesws1:

    ALBUM is fantastic ! I LOVE ANDREA CORR – SO MUCH !

  • JansPortero:


  • IarinhaCJBM:

    She is my fav Corr. I hope to see The Corrs together one day… wonderful voice!

  • thecorr100:

    Andrea is amazing. Her voice is beatiful. Her eyes hypnotize us . Her hands always making gesture whre we can see clearly how she fetls each sound. I listen everyday The Corrs in my car during my trip´s and I feel myself in the heaven . I hope they ( her and the others ) continuing sing to us in this crasy life crazy world. This new album is fantatic

  • charlizegladi:

    the albums is really different from corrs. its still excellent than any other artist in the world. shame on u is superbbbbb . its a shame for any other artists to make song like this.. andrea u r my loveee

  • TheWeinkelch:

    it’s Beautiful.

  • oneyanknaus:

    really generic

  • brusmani:

    great song!I love her voice

  • Leldis:

    I like this album very much 🙂

  • 54spiritedwill54:

    This makes me wanna dance… mmm, so dark. It’s cool.

  • alphabug:

    Her voice hasn’t changed !
    Her music still very melodic to me.

    Except, the way how it produced does not match her style at all.

  • Halteese:

    It’s a shame, I really wish they would play together again :/

  • michaelabasham:

    This album doesn’t work for me. Not trying to be cruel. Always been a fan. At least she can model.

  • haloandheaven:

    she would but they don’t wanna do it anymore.

  • chatmic:

    yup 8-(

  • jerry736:

    Instead of buying it overseas or a store. Just download it off the internet. You can download the whole CD and for free. Use the $13.00 and buy a Big Mac with fries.

  • hardineros:

    Please Andrea don´t shame on anything else, and come back with your familiy to the road again. The Corrs are great, but this solo album isn´t good.

  • garfreeek:

    heard it when i took driving lessons.
    it’s a real nice song when you’re just sitting in the car driving on a sunny day!

  • dragonriderjt:

    AS for sabotage, turth is the album is doing very poorly.

  • dragonriderjt:

    there were other companies that you could order from but it will come from overseas, LIKE MINE FROM ENGLAND. now I see agin some US companies are agin listed.
    Complain to AMAZON about the bad imfornation.

  • dragonriderjt:

    What I posted was was how things were a week ago, just like the price changed it appears that things have changed agin. one week ago imported verion was available thur Amazon. The Us company I oredered from thur Amazon cancelled my order, AMAZON is who said it would not be availabe from the US conpany.

  • herwitz:

    I already have it. FROM AMAZON. USA. What’s wrong with you??

  • dragonriderjt:

    you are the one that never knows what he is talking about. It is only available at Amazon thur overseas conpany, not the us conpany I ordered it thur to begin with. I’m getting it from England thur Amazon.

  • herwitz:

    This CD IS available from Amazon in the US. What the **** are you talking about, and why do you keep posting inaccurate info about its price and availability? Are you trying to sabotage it?

  • dragonriderjt:

    Amason just canceled my order for TEN FEET HIGH, they say it is no going to be aviliable in the states. Have to order from overseas.

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