Sharon Corr

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  • lrishNationalist:

    Democratic Right Movement, DRM. Promoting Irish Nationalism.
    Check the DRM Youtube channel for the link to the live radio broadcast with live phone in, messaging,commentry box, skype options, to contact the show while on air.
    DRM Radio Broadcasted Live On The DRM Website Every Tues And Friday From 8.30pm To 10pm. Irish Local Time.
    A defiant voice of truth, for Irish men and women who care for their people, their country, their land, their future and their children.

  • watie1980:

    I like that song,, so beautiful,, two thumbs up for SHARON 🙂

  • alijen1202:

    beautiful voice live or recorded !! :))) i love her !! gorgeous !!

  • zzr1100yzf:

    good song…..

  • alcatrazrocks:

    Really nice! I thought she would sound like hell live.. but It’s lovely ♥

  • Peteypooooo:

    Beautiful :-)

  • CorrsFanPortugal3:

    thank you so much for this!

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