A vacation trip to the Shetland Islands showing Clickimin Broch, Scalloway Castle, Shetland Jewelery and the Shetland Museum.

4 Responses to “Sheltand Islands Part 3”

  • waszkoman:

    Again, another lovely video which brought back memories of our visit to
    Shetland in September 2009. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ruby:

    thanks for taking the time to make and download this video really intresting

  • Buzz Nuttley:

    I was there in 1974. I stayed in lerwick and at the time you could go
    inside the broch castles. you had to crawl on your hands and knees. I loved
    that place.

  • Eileen Mullay:

    I also was born abd bred here, and have lived in Shetland all my life. I
    love your video, and am so glad you enjoyed your holiday, hope you come
    back for a visit . I added some photos you might like to see, look me up
    heylotmammy, Eileen’s Shetland. x

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