Billy Connelly talking to Pammy on the more4 show Shrink Rap. Talks about his childhood etc.

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  • MsMystica5:

    This was wonderful to watch! Billy is a true inspiration to me and a true sort of hero. He’s a real friend I’ve never met.

  • 46jeanpierre:

    he saved my live in 2003 i was in rehab in scotland and found an old videocassette 25 years billy or something like that, I start smiling and stopped using ..No kidding! thanks Big Yin, you gave a son his father back. A big smile from Holland

  • 666connolly:

    I love the way they look at each other…

  • garykelly1944:

    Great stuff. Everyone should watch this vid.

  • AmmieH19:

    this was very amazing to watch and i think that they are a great couple.

  • menthol5:

    Billy Connolly has been through some really shitty times and has not been beat down and he’s not bitter. Billy Connolly is the man.

  • TheJuliusJT:

    You know that special little thing you like?” haha! Great show.

  • evilurges86:

    I wish Billy Connolly was Santa and for christmas he’d take me on a trip to the homeland. See you soon my lady Scotland!

  • WhoseLineBabygirl:

    you can tell he loves her so much, i can see it in his eyes mmhmm 🙂

  • diggatam:

    like the guy alot, and what a cool couple

  • CaroKawaii:

    Whenever I watch a Billy Connolly clip, I  wish he was my neighbor.

  • ballerina444:

    they seem great together 🙂

  • GoddyofWar:

    Billy reminds me of my Grandmother; profoundly wise.

  • pjmilan:

    the big yin, is a fuckin legend.
    a big ledgy,edgy, edgend….

  • psychobollox:

    well, actually a Doctor of Letters (which he said were mostly Fs and Bs :D)… but yeh, honorary doctorate but i think he kinda earned it. he’s actually a very learned man, and this doctorate has to have partly recognised that learning. a lot of honorary doctorates i find offensive; this one was a good choice.

    BC once said he was a comedian, not a social anthropologist. i’m not sure there’s much difference. both watch people; one writes a book and the other tells funny stories!

  • Bruce Scott:

    One of the best interviews of ever seen.

  • kclichtler:

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  • vn030350d:

    Billy offers some great insight here, as I suspect would anyone in his age and with his amount of differing experiences, but what is really unique about this interview is to see two people, who obviously love each other very much, be open and share with each other. Truly beautiful.

    Thank you kindly for the upload.

  • EclecticSceptic:

    Thanks for putting this up.

  • wolfy916:

    Fishin’ with your Dad…truly a must do…!!
    Billy…there’s only one Big Yin….
    You’re the best!!!

  • Kramkat:

    Thanks to, paddythethinker for submitting these vid’s.
    Billy’s from my home town, and I’m quite proud of that fact.


  • hiyadroogs:

    Bigfinlach, just to pick up on your final sentence, – men shouldn’t be made to feel in any way embarrassed or reticent about expressing our love & admiration of someone.
    It’s what prevents fathers from truly connecting with their children.
    My great regret in life, is not telling my late mum & dad how eternally thankful I am for their love, guidance, & sacrifice, when it might have been important to them to hear it, instead of just to me to have said it. Don’t leave those you love in doubt.

  • Bigfinlach:

    I Love Billy so much, he has become my hero and I wish to go to one of his shows. I’ve loved him since I was a child, I listened to cassette tapes like The Pick Of Billy Connolly and Classic Connolly and then saw videos etc. And I love his biographies, beautifully written by Pamela and so powerful and insightful. The Man is a genius and an Icon and I love him to bits. 🙂
    I hope none of that sounded to gay, thats just how I feel. xD

  • floozysuzie20:

    I found him talking about the other santa the funniest bit in the interview, it was the impression of his face, brilliant.

    Billy is wonderful

  • glentton:

    i no what mean about molile phones .what agreat guy go billy big up you self great interview

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