Elvi Hale & Keith Michell star in the fourth episode chronicling the rise and fall of Anne of Cleves. The series follows a traditional approach that Anne was glad to be rid of the King (and in this drama suggests how to accomplish it) however this is somewhat from the truth. Firstly Anne did not speak good English to begin with, and although speedily learnt, she really knew little of the troubles regarding her marriage until it was too late. Secondly she was reportedly extremely upset at her downgraded position of ‘sister’, and some reports suggest that she hoped Henry would return to her following the downfall of Katherine Howard. Her latter years’ correspondence show that she has fallen into poverty. Anne is staunchly protestant in this version, however in reality Anne was very quick to convert to Catholicism when needs be. Mary was initially horrified at her arrival in England because of her religion, however they became very close, and Anne attended Mary’s coronation, and made her executor of her will. I own nothing, no copyright infringement intended! Hope you enjoy!

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  • Strawberry3008:

    Where have you gotten that from? The way I remember it Cromwell was Lutheran and wanted Henry to marry a Lutheran princess as an alliance against France. Though what you’re saying is quite interesting. Can´╗┐ you tell me where you have gotten it from? ­čÖé

  • Russell Aldersson:

    Anna was never protestant. It’s one of the big misconceptions´╗┐ and assumptions about her. She was born, raised and died a Catholic. Cleves was a Catholic state (albeit with reformist tendencies) but Anna was never our Lutheran Queen.

  • Jakegothicsnake:

    Anne actually was pretty! Tall, slender, and beautiful with long blonde hair like her sister Sybele. Plus´╗┐ she must of had an hour glass figure with those full breasts and wide hips! ;D

  • CupcakeExplosion:

    I’m sorry but I don’t see Anne in this depiction as´╗┐ ugly. She looks to me like Isabella Rossellini. They toned down her looks here to make her not so pretty, but ugly? No, i don’t see that. thanks for posting. i love this series.

  • TokyoSpike:

    The very words´╗┐ that came to my mind, too!! ­čÖé

  • ohsnapiam59:

    Anne made out from her´╗┐ marriage. She was smart.

  • DeliriousGoomba:

    I wonder how England’s history would´╗┐ be different if Henry and Anne had reconciled to each other and had consummated the marriage with intent for her to bear heirs?

  • 2012endofanerror:

    Elvie Hale should have one an award for this portrayal. Who could have made Anne and this situation so´╗┐ entertaining. If there is any problem, it would be that she was too cute for the role.

  • mattfrye1:

    Anne went´╗┐ on to be one of the happiest and most content women in England after they divorced. In fact she had her own household and visited the King often. She was also very close to Mary and Elizabeth and greeted Mary in London when she was coroonated. So Anne really got a very good deal.

  • loveoldsongs:

    I saw´╗┐ that one too. That one was hilarious! They sat there playing cards, wheeling and dealing over their divorce settlement! (laugh)

  • loveoldsongs:

    Howard, that he at times thought of taking her back! It was in a book, maybe a romance novel, that she was crying over something. He was trying to comfort her, presumably as a brother would a sister. In that part in this book, he thinks to himself´╗┐ he was tempted to take her back as his wife!

    In thinking, the book may have been a story possibly titled “Anne Of Cleves”, by an author named Frances Parkinson Keyes.

  • loveoldsongs:

    Have you or anyone else seen the old movie where Charles Laughton (sp?) played Henry, and Elsa Lanchester (sp?) played Anne of Cleves? That one was hilarious! They were sitting there all congenial, playing cards, and haggling over the terms of their divorce! LOL It was similar to this one, but even funnier! I do remember reading once, where she sometimes regretted it, and was actually kind of sad at times. I also read at the same time, that after the death of Catherine´╗┐

  • diddims:

    The poor thing! This naive´╗┐ young woman leaves the only home that she’s ever known, thinking that she will marry happily and it will be a fairy tale come true… Anne got one rotten deal.

  • sugabayer:

    @evaperonfan, one of my nieces sort of favors´╗┐ her too.

  • ligreekguy:

    How odd that Cranmer admonishes Anne about her duty to the Protestant cause, yet she would convert to Catholicism during the reign of Mary I.´╗┐

  • ligreekguy:

    “Catherine, Anne, Jane: three happy brides?” Is Henry kidding? He sends the first into cold exile after 24 years of marriage, kills the second,´╗┐ and literally scares the third to death.

  • Yankeedude011:

    This episode is´╗┐ so much funnier than the others. I like this one the best.

  • RandyAKing:

    The guy playing Cromwell looks dead on the´╗┐ real Cromwell.

  • Annemarie Guido:

    poor thing!´╗┐

  • distant2sun:

    What a strange and indecisive man…One minute he’s all over her, the next he doesn’t like her! Obviously he was feeling a little bit of a hurt ego when she rejected´╗┐ him!

  • pigeonsgowoot:

    I think he was so old and fat that he probably couldn’t maintain an erection, thereby not possessing the ability to “fulfill said husbandly duties”.

    Henry was a horndog, there’s no doubt about that´╗┐ – I can’t imagine him ever not being able to do “what needed to be done” if his body would allow him.

  • pigeonsgowoot:

    It’s a´╗┐ lute! ­čÖé

  • Ryan Cooney:

    I read that the reason Henry didn’t like Anne at first sight was that she was still getting over being sea sick so her looks were not there best at´╗┐ the time.

  • meginmd:

    Anne didn’t refuse´╗┐ to go to bed with him.
    Henry was repulsed by Anne of Cleves and they never consummated their marriage.
    In fact, here’s a quote: “…that he could not perform his husbandly duties because of Anne’s appearance”

  • Yolanda Anne Brown:

    This is an excellent series, and it proved the old saying: “What goes around, comes around.” In this case, the downfall of Cromwell. Like all social climbers in Henry VIII’s reign, he´╗┐ reached too high. The arraingment of his marriage to Anne of Cleves sealed his fate, which led him to the tower. Listening to his speech makes you feel a bit sad for him.

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