so according to wikipedia, most people in England arent actually anglo-saxons but indigenous people descending from hunters that moved there just after the ice age.

so now they are looking at history and saying things such as “they only came over in small numbers and became the ruling class similar to that of the normans and romans so they couldnt have replaced most of the population”. well i thought the anglo-saxons moved there because the land was perfect for farming? and not to make money like the romans and normans.
also just because they moved there in small numbers doesnt mean they didnt have an impact on the population. british/english settlers went to america in generally small numbers but over a few generations the colonies had triple the population of the mother country.

but if the english are actually prehistoric hunters and gatherers than what about the scottish and welsh?

so please clear a few things up for me because i dont entirely trust wikipedia.

also if this is true than doesnt that make Nick Griffin correct about the indigenous people of britain?
so these new studies arent exactly correct? or is it some sort of propaganda, because on one website i went on they were praising Nick Griffin… im not sure what to believe.

because when i look at most english people they seem germanic, i know that im mostly of germanic descent because my father has german heritage and my mothers half austrian/hungarian… but most english people i know look either germanic or celtic so what did these ancient people look like?

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  • Stan:

    Great Britain and Ireland was orignially inhabited by only a few hundred Hunters when the ice glaciers melted.. then they were seeled into the British island when sea levels rose creating the English channle making Britain and Island.

    What happened was… Romans invaded and conquered Great Britain, Romans brought over Africans, people from the middle east and the far corners of the Empire (many of which stayed in England when the Romans left and mixed with the natives)… Many of the British Celts were pushed North into Scotland, the British pushed the Romans out of what is Now Scotland and a bit of Northern England.
    The Romans built a huge wall, known as Hadrian’s wall to keep the Celts at bay…
    Then the Romans left what is now England and Wales…
    The Saxons, Angles and Juliet’s came over to England and settled in England…. (they were from Germany, Denmark and the Lowlands)

    The Vikings started to raid the east coast of England, bits of Scotland and Ireland… they rapped many in their raids… causing the Scandinavian blood (Norway and Sweden) to show up in British genetics…

    King Alfred the great United the all the Anglo Saxons and kicked out the Vikings from what is now England….. King Alfred the great created what was called Engla-land…. (Meaning land of the Angles, which was later changed to England)

    The Anglo Saxons were then defeated by the Normans in 1066 (Normans came from Northern France)
    Normandy was invaded by France, the King of Normandy fled to England who the english embraced as their King… he declared himself King of England and started a series of wars against France to get back Normandy

    England later Invaded most of Scotland, the English raped many Scotish women, causing a mix in gene pools..
    Then the English inavded Ireland, and raped many, again, causing a mix in gene pools… then Scotland and England united to become Britain in 1707… later Norther Ireland joined (most northern Irish are of English decent, due to the mass migration to populate Ireland with protestants to help control Ireland)

    Then over the years the English, Irish, Welsh and scottish have all happly crossed bourders and bred with eachother and mixed the gene pool…

    Many Irish moved to England during the great Irish Potatoe famine… most of them moved to England and America.

    Britain owned one quater of the world and a quater of its population during the early 20th century, it had the biggist empire in history, people from all over moved to Britain, alothough not in huge numbers..

    Modern Genetics shows their is very little genetic diffrence between English, Irish, Scotish and Welsh people…
    The British are a compleat Mogrol race, we are a mix of everything.

    However in saying this… all humans, dispite looking diffrent, are very uniform in genetics, we are all incredibly geneticly similar due to a bottleneck that happened a few hundred thousand years ago in Africa.

    Hope i helped.

  • John de Witt:

    Even talking about the Welsh tends to give you your answer. They are the descendents of the Celtic Britons who’d initially invited the Saxons to settle in present England (to protect them from their Scottish/Pictish neighbors), but the word comes from “wealh,” a word roughly translated as “stranger” and used by the newcomers to describe the previous inhabitants! The Celtic Britons, of course, had been heavily influenced by the Romans, but the genetic infusion must have been limited. In another twist, some of the Britons pushed out of southern and central England moved to present France, in what is called Brittany, and some of their descendents were in the “Norman” army of William in 1066, feeling very much that they were returnig home rather than invading a new land.
    Confusing, isn’t it?

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