We know what we’re supposed to do…but we don’t know why! How did we end up celebrating a Catholic Saint by getting drunk and acting stupid? Who was St. Patrick? Was he even Irish? Find out in this edition of Truth or Fail.

24 Responses to “St. Patrick’s Day Trivia”

  • HeGivesSaIvation:


    Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ – GLORY TO JESUS CHRIST

  • oyundaru1:

    Suddenly, after watching this video, I’m Irish, too. It’s so easy to be what I say I am like so many others.

  • Catbrodcasting:

    I love being Irish!

  • undergroundalcoholsi:

    This exactly. The SHAMROCK is the symbol of Ireland, because it only grows in Ireland. And it only has 3 leaves

  • Annie McMahon:

    Hank. Hankity Hank Hank. Clovers are not the same as shamrocks. Although, Ireland seems to me to have waaaay more clovers than shamrocks. Anywho. I love Hank talking about my country for some reason..

  • Karl Smith:

    Its not Patty’s day by the way. its Paddy’s Day

  • wotsgonon1:

    me is also irish,i do not undersannd yor point,silly programme!

  • caseder590:

    thumbs up if your name is patrick or patrick is in your name

  • DoctorWhoFan224:

    I’m Irish and you clearly know nothing about why we celebrate St.Patrick’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hahaha23921:

    u must read this.once u have started there is no turning back.a little

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  • MrBrionman:

    i am Irish so this should be easy

  • MrLazerman2:

    i a irish i hav dat story forced into my mind its in our history book for god sakie 5/5

  • Brooke Phillips:

    ur not irish :/

  • nalzer21:

    No. Just. Just no.

  • 1teri52:

    The Irish name is actually Padraig, so Paddy does make sense originally.

  • violafinishda:

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  • somethingxprofound:

    The fact that someone asked if it should be “St. Patty’s Day” makes me want to vomit.

  • appositioncatatonic:

    i see all my Episodes TV[.]UsNetxxx[.]com

  • markdavis97:

    fucking paddys day im irish !

  • Aisling Fahy:

    i guess it’ll have to do!!

  • frankeeirish04:

    Well there’s always Murphys!! lol

  • Aisling Fahy:

    oh no!! i feel robbed!! no more guinness 4 me den!! damn english!! 😀

  • frankeeirish04:

    It’s owned by Diageo, in which it’s an english company, I know, I’m gutted too!!

  • johnyjanime:

    hahaha cool vid
    please check out my vids and please subscribe

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