Stirling (Gaelic: Sruighlea, Scots: Stirlin) is a city and former ancient burgh in Scotland, and is at the heart of the wider Stirling council area. The city is clustered around a large fortress and mediæval old-town beside the River Forth. Historically it was strategically important as the “Gateway to the Highlands”, with its position near the boundary between the Scottish Lowlands and Highlands, and its crossing of the Forth, the nearest to the river mouth. It is a centre for local government, higher education, retail, and light industry. Its population (as of the 2001 census) was 41243, making it the smallest city in Scotland. One of the principal royal strongholds of the Kingdom of Scotland, Stirling was created a Royal burgh by King David I in 1130, which it remained until 1975, when the county of Stirlingshire was absorbed into Central Region. In 2002, as part of Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee, Stirling was granted city status. Originally a Stone Age settlement, Stirling has been strategically significant since at least the Roman occupation of Britain, due to its naturally defensible crag and tail hill (latterly the site of Stirling Castle), and its commanding position at the foot of the Ochil Hills on the border between the Lowlands and Highlands, at the lowest crossing point of the River Forth. It remained the river’s lowest crossing until the construction of the Kincardine Bridge further downstream in the 1930s. It is supposed that Stirling is the fortress

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  • indierockhead:

    Watching this video makes me really proud to come from such a beautiful and historic town. It’s funny how after leaving a while ago, has only now made me appreciate that. When I was growing up there you just take your surroundings for granted.

  • Peppepoppldoppl:

    @bunnygirlsaunt Yankee

  • bunnygirlsaunt:

    I fell in love with Stirling last fall while visiting friends there. Some of my ancestors are from Scotland and I was amazed at home much it felt like coming home. Proud to say I am Wallace bled!


    Fantastic country and wonderful people. Love Scotland super vid.


    Fantastic video thank you. I am visiting Stirling on 30th September 2011 with my wife for the weekend, we got married at the end of August, having two children has made it difficult to have our honeymoon abroad, with my dad being from scotland i am really into the history and feel the it in my blood even though born in england. My wife has always wanted to visit also and this video has been really useful i am just hoping we get all the attractions ect… in the 2 days we are there!!!

  • kelaren:

    It’s my island

  • 999loveking:

    i love you STirling!!!! lots and lots and lotsssssss

  • stokeyking1:

    Ah the black boy…tis been a while since I’ve been back!

  • anomaopdc:

    I love Stirling lots and lots and lots

  • calgaryscot:

    @Seershae When did you move away from the Raploch?

  • Seershae:

    @calgaryscot I.m a Raploch girl, moved to Castle Hill, then Oz.

  • Seershae:

    This isn’t Patsy Maley is it?

  • Seershae:

    I was born and bred in Stirlin and have been away for 40 years, this video has stirred my heart. I lived about 20mtrs from the Castle. Robert the Bruce looked directly into my bedroom window, for those who have been there the houses at the bottome of the brae next to Ballangeich Cemetry. Thanks for the memories

  • hdb51:

    @Drago62 Me too!! What I wouldn’t give for one more stroll around the loch…

  • segano1:

    @lovehandles92 Dundee’s not ****, it’s just not quite as grand as Stirling, still good enough though.

  • lovehandles92:

    My boyfriend is from stirling, scotland…showed me picture of Robert the Bruce as well. I want tae visit someday. : ) He lives over in dundee now. I hear it’s quite a shite place.

  • grizvtx:

    Great! Brings back wonderful memories —my son and I were there in 2010. Can’t wait to go back in 2014 for the Bannockburn commemoration.

  • mclmatty:

    hehehe i used to live there and go to the thistles every weekend but then i moved to shite england lol

  • RenKinRaM:

    What a stunning place!

  • chrisbeat1988:

    does anybody here know what the building at the v top of king street is for? In the middle of the “y” junction, with the statue? is it flats?

  • ihatedarts:

    @ tazmainiandevil1503 agreed !!!

  • Sk0osH:

    This video actually makes me appreciate how braw Stirling is.

    I cant believe i’ve never visited Stirling castle yet I stay in Stirling haha.

  • mightymac69:

    the top flat with the window open ate 3:01 is my room n the windaes still open haha

  • GizzmoPlanet:

    go scotland! ;D

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