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NZ Army Band @ Edinburgh Tattoo 2006 Edinburgh Festival 2006

Mixed with Livemet audio!

Very good b&w footage of this very powerful performance by Van Morrison of this country classic. Van recorded this song for the “Pay the devil” album/cd/. Or…

Irlanda 2006 … Donegal

Van with a live version of this Ray Charles hit at ACL 2006. Ray handed Van the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame award in 2003 when Ray praised Van for writing so many beautiful songs, that night they they sang a fantastic duet of Crazy Love which is on Ray’s last album. This song is also on Van’s excellent double “Hymns to the Silence” album/cd.

The Chieftains
Image taken on 2006-08-02 09:27:54.

William Blake left us all but the melodies of his famous and eternally beautiful Songs which I sing to my own tunes developed over 25 years.This is a trailer of one of our concerts in Paris in 2006. Take a look at a trailer of the main production :

Van with this catchy rhythm Wild Nights at ACL in 2006. Copyright lyrics and music Exile. PS It’s a shame some people think it’s a John (Cougar) Mellencamp song, he did a version.

1. Battailon The Highlanders Pipes and Drums beim Militärmusikfest in Köln 2006.

2009 Tattoo: The outstanding Swiss Top Secret Drum Corps recorded at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in August 2006.

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