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I am going to Ireland for a little over 5 months during a study abroad program in Galway. I would like to know what service is the best for coverage and best for pricing.

Im considering moving from scotland to mainland europe, germany or norway, perhaps somewhere else.

Any information to help me with this?

I have to write a paper for my English class that “sets the record straight ” about one of the characters from the legend of King Arthur. Did Lancelot even exist? Someone please help me.

What are two poems written by William Blake which feature the themes of Power and Repression? Thanks

In tradional Irish/Celtic folklore, how does one bind a fae/fairy?
It’s for a book, actually. In the book, some of the Fae bound themselves to families as a way of protection. When I write about it, I want it to be from actual folklore and not made up.

It’s an animated film about a group of loch ness monsters, they sing and dance and I want to say it’s something like, “Nessie” but can’t seem to come up with anything on google. All I remember about it is that they live in some kind of castle and there is one pink one that is like the main loch ness. I’m pretty sure it came out like in the late 80’s or early 90’s. If you can think of it please help! Thanks!

Hello again to you all on YA
Back when I used to visit the library every friday as a kid, I remember our mum letting us pick just one video to watch that night while we had dinner. My sister would get to choose something (like Black Beauty or Pippi Longstocking) one week and I the next (usually something a bit more boyish like the Batman movie or Indian in the Cupboard).
No now my sister is seeking the library video she watched in her younger years about a selkie (a seal that sheds its skin to become a woman). In this movie, it was a very hand drawn quality. Like it was done in charcoal or brown pastel/pencil. And the selkie girl, a blonde woman, was signing on a rock with her 2 sisters when a lonely fisherman crept up and stole her sealskin. Her sisters swam off but since she couldn’t transform back into a seal without her skin, she was forced to live with him for years. Until one day, after letting his guard down because he thought she had fallen for him finally, the fisherman left for work and the girl found her sealskin and ran back to the sea.
I’ve gone through our whole library collection with no success so I thought you guys might be able to help?
I would love to find this movie for my sister (since she’s pretty much given up on finding it). It would make a great graduation present since she’s graduating this May 21 from high school.
well thanks for your quick answers but notice the ‘hand drawn’ ‘charcoal’ part of the movie. the movie was animated, as in not real people acting it out. just movie pictures.

Beautiful celtic song about a mystical red flower

What were some beliefs held about witchcraft and magic in 11th century Scotland?

Just random things that could be interesting to put into my novel. THanks
It’s a fictional novel!

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